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Kingdom Come - Magnified


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pretty cool artwork, it reminds me of some early Scorpions' covers... :christmas:



German hard rockers KINGDOM COME will release their new album, "Magnified", on February 27 via Planet Music.


The track listing for the effort is as follows:


01. Living Dynamite

02. No Murderer I Kiss

03. 24 Hours

04. So Unreal

05. When I Was

06. Over You

07. Sweet Killing

08. Unwritten Language

09. Hey Mama

10. The Machine Inside

11. Feeding The Flame




Lenny Wolf - Lead Vocals

Eric Foerster - Guitar

Frank Binke - Bass

Hendrik Thiesbrummel - Drums





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They're still around? Good Lord. :blink:

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They're still around? Good Lord. :blink:

Not a fan? :unsure:


Not particularly... but aside from that, I was just surprised to see they're still making records... I thought they'd vanished a long time ago.

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Well if it's anything like the last few albums Lenny has put out...yawn. -_-
Sounds good....Hopefully its in the vein of the first two.

Yeah, the last few albums have kind of lost me but I'd love to hear something as good as the first three.

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Heard some of the samples over at NEH.Definitely NOT in the vein of the first two albums...sounds like a Led Zep/Goth hybrid. :blink: Lennie still has a good voice,but he's wasting his time putting crap like this out though.

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samples from Magnified is available from their myspace! you have to change the playlist to "Magnified Samples" to listen.



Gawd what was that crap??!! Surely there is some mistake in the samples that they posted? :puke:

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I Totally agree with the dissapointed comments, the last good thing I heard from them was "In your face".

Lenny likes modern hard rock, I don't get this stange sound, get beck to what u do better.

Led clones mixed with hair metal was not original but very good, for my hears this music is no good at all, Lenny still sings very well anyway.

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