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New Adriangale Album


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Hate to pick on an older release but I've tried listening to this CD a few times this week and I just cannot get into it. After spinning it 4 times in my car on the way to work and back The Thin Line is the only song that I can recall.


Reading this thread I was suprised there was that many people who enjoyed this. Is there still a lot of love out there for this release? 'Feel The Fire' was better IMO.

Good disc. I love all three, but the second one is easily the best of the three. I can see how they could be mistaken for solid but unspectacular, though.


I agree the second is the best, I love closer,the fire still burning,part of me and heather please.

Crunch is great too, the first one was not as good as the others IMO.

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great album.


what ever happened to the band Crunch????



Crunch is supposedly going to release thier debut album in 2010 but who knows... I know Vic Rivera's a member here so hopefully he can fill all of us in :) I freaking adore that e.p they put out at Firefest a few years back!!! :beerbang:

While I'm at it, I hope Crunch will also be playing at Firefest in 2010! Yeah! :beerbang:

Guys just recieved a email from my buddy Doug Odell the bassist from Crunch and he said that the EP will be available at Amazon On Demand , not sure if it will be in the form of a CD or just download . New CD in 2010 and that is all the info I have for you guys on these brilliant rockers .........He promises it will be awesome!!

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I have spun Feel The Fire, Crunch and Re: Program the past month and Re: Program is really good, by far my favorite, then Feel The Fire. Crunch just doesn't do anything for me. I don't have Under The Hood unfortunately.

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I think Crunch (the album) is the best thing Vic has ever done...the shiniest jewel in an already gleaming crown...


As for when Crunch (the band) will release a debut album? I know Vic has several musical things on his plate right now, Crunch being one of them...but I know of no solid plans other than "we're gonna do it at some point"...

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