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  1. Cannot wait for this release! Man what would we do with out FRONTIERS RECORDS ???
  2. rockdoc


    New H.E.A.T release April 28 !! Another great release for 2010.........
  3. japanrarehunter says he works for diskheaven but in the end they all come from the same place . Does it make sence that someone having a website like diskheaven buying CDS from a seller on ebay . I have never seen NEH buying CDS off ebay to resell on there site or anyone else . Must be something in the water ........
  4. Like I have said in a different post he is a joke rip off son of a bitch but do not ask ebay to help they could care less . If he did not pay his monthly bill for selling you better believe they would kick his ass off in a heart beat .............
  5. quoted from ebay's "Shill bidding policy" Shill bidding is bidding that artificially increases an item’s price or desirability. It’s also bidding by the people the seller knows—including family members, roommates, or employee—who could have certain information about the item that other members aren’t aware of. To make sure no one gets an unfair advantage, we don’t allow shill bidding on eBay. mr.kim78 (now www_diskheaven_co_kr) is japanrarehunter, of course. but if he said the mr.kim78 was his boss, this is also shill bidding. I was going to do that then he blocked me as well but
  6. ebay is so fuckin stupid you think the only auctions the hardrockheaven co kr has won is off of japanrarehunter . Think they would catch on ... I got screwed by the idiot called him out on it and he said the mr kim was his boss , his English is about like my Korean... I emailed ebay told them what happened and never responded back to me . I filed a shrill bidding report nothing was done ....... But I did not pay him he filed a non paying report but then I told him I was going to file a report with ebay about shill bidding he did not know what it was so I told him he cancelled the transaction .
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