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  1. We all know this person and his name is David Moors from Australia, he buys CDS and does not pay for them he is on message boards blabbering his mouth and ignores emails sent to him from me about ebay wins . What a guy how would it be if I ordered from you and did not pay . I am so tired of people wining CDS and then they do not pay . I don't care if the person is the head of Sony Music or some no body!! Tired of it and it needs to stop!!!I hate fuckin' doing this but I am fuckin' pissed as hell ebay is not free.............
  2. BRILLIANT CD!Top 3 release of 2010!
  3. Idiot has Axel Rudi Pell as delayed due to Record Company , I have had mine for what 3 weeks or so what a goof ball . If you want a good laugh look at his web page always worth a laugh somewhere down on it!!!
  4. Wondering what ever happened to Martie Peters the vocalist from Denmarks PUSH . That thread below just got me wondering ...............
  5. Here is a ebayer to add to your blocked buyers list aormasterpiece from JAPAN his name is JEFF JACK . He purchased over $1,200 worth of CDS off my auctions and never paid . Had to file non paying with ebay and got all my fees back but this guy is a fuckin loser bids and does not buy . Loves to bid on very high CDS must be into the SAKI or some shit !!
  6. Or on celebrity rehab with Doc Drew!!!!?!?!?!?!?!!?
  7. The Laney CD has been delayed for about 10 days as there was a major pressing problem . Laney CD is Grand Illusion's new one wrong master sent to the company . That would have been cool to get huh!
  8. I have ordered from CD Japan many many times and never had any problems . Once they ship the CD arrives within 4-5 days and that is to the US . Freedom Rock is going to be awesome pre ordered mine for the first pressing as it is already sold out!! Great Stuff!!
  9. I have there first release unsure the title but if memory serves me correct they are pretty good with decent guitars and vocals .Kind of forgot about them !
  10. Sounds like the new Iron Maiden new CD is almost complete and to be released in the third quarter of 2010 . The title is The Final Frontier and this marks the 15 album by the masters of metal .Kevin Shirley is producing which is awesome he is one of the best out there.
  11. anyone heard any tracks yet ? very curious in the sound and the direction they went ??
  12. Andrew gave it a 100% I give it 1000% . This CD will be the BEST release of 2010 !!!! I am sure everyone agrees with me!+!+__+#_#+!@_!
  14. Just got my copy and it is 100% old RATT !! Great CD great production!!
  15. Cannot wait for this release! Man what would we do with out FRONTIERS RECORDS ???
  16. It is to bad most of these bands will never get a chance to put a full length CD out !!
  17. FANTASTIC!! The more I play it the better it gets !!
  18. I agree 100% with you . No action just going round and round !! Seems like all tracks are getting this way . I use to sit and watch every minute of the race well the race is on I can hear what is going on that is all I need because I know there will be no action ........ Maybe the spoiler will bring back some better racing !
  19. This CD is absolutely the best album I have heard in a long time this is there best effert to date !! Each to there own I guess!
  20. Just recieved my copy yesterday and it is better than I expected , very much like Journey !
  21. Crystal Ball kicks all there asses!!
  22. rockdoc


    great CD fast shipping from the band!!
  23. I placed a order 4 years ago and it was a absolute disaster , he had what I was told merchandise in stock and come to find out it was not he charged my credit card and when a week went buy no CDS well called him up and asked where are the CDS I only live 500 miles away from you and he said well must have went to the wrong address he then told me it could be delayed in the post office , one excuse after the other then finally he said ohh the CDS were not in stock yet after all this he tells me this , I told him the reason I ordered the CDS is that they were in stock ... He said well they will b
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