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Suncity Records - May 8, 2008

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WE'VE DONE IT!! Suncity Records are very proud to announce yet another great signing. This time we have landed in Poland, of all places. Our new signing is a band called Lessdress and they have to be heard to be believed!





Some die hard collectors of Melodic Rock outside of Poland may have heard of these guys before due to their mega rare 1993 release entitled "Sex Industry". Sex Industry fetches up to $US250 when it's rarely seen on Ebay and if you think that album is good, just wait to hear what Suncity Records will be releasing!!


Now I know what you're thinking and I'd be thinking the exact same thing. Poland isn't known for its top quality Melodic Rock bands and also the first thing I think of when I hear about a European band is - I hope the singer's accent isn't too over the top! The answer to the question is absolutely NOT!! You would swear black 'n' blue that the singer "Pawel Nowakowski" picked up his accent and attitude straight outta the streets of Hollywood, CA. All songs are of course sung in English too.


The album that Suncity Records will be releasing is Lessdress' mega rare (even in their home country) previously cassette only debut from 1989 "Dumblondes". Of course, being a Suncity product you can expect the music has been fully digitally re-mastered and taken straight from the original master tapes, which I may add sound out of this world!! The production on this album is second to none. Not many Hard Rock releases can boost about having better production than this in 1989. Believe me when I say, there are not enough good things I can say about the album. To this day, the Dumblondes cassette still attracts in excess of $US150 on eBay so you get an idea of what the collectors think of it.


I had searched high and low for these guys over the last 3-4 years now and due to the language barrier and a few other things, it has been extremely difficult. I was beginning to think it was never going to happen. But I just couldn't go to my grave knowing that the fans would never have the chance to own this superb album on CD. I guess albums like these are what drives me to keep Suncity Records on top of the pile.


Lessdress are every bit as good as the greats of the scene. When I'm cranking the album I think of the glory days of Skid Row, Slash Puppet, Wildside, Dirty Rhythm, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Shotgun Messiah, Nasty Idols, Slam St. Joan, Barely Legal, Roxx Gang, Bang Gang, Sweet Cheater, Dirty Penny, Swedish Erotica, Smash L.A., Spoyld, Southgang and the Canadian band Jester. I have absolutely no doubt that if Lessdress were in the States back in the Hard Rock boom time, they would have been signed to a major label. They would have blown most of the Sleaze/Glam bands on the strip out of the water.


With every spin, Dumblondes is quickly becoming one of my favorite hard rock albums ever!! Like Firehouse's self first two albums, like Skid Row's first two albums, Dumblondes is very, very hard to fault. Basically if you love booming backing vocals, blistering guitars, an L.A. attitude, masterful song writing, catchy rockin' radio friendly chorus' and stellar production, this album will go down as one of your favorites too. I will be very interested in hearing how some of the reviews pan out.


Once I get going, I tend to bang on and on so let cut to the chase for what you've been waiting for - picture yourself driving your convertible on a ripping summer's day back in 1989, you have the radio cranked to 11 and this tune comes on, it's a song called "Sweet Venice" and it will be on the upcoming Suncity Records release by Lessdress. I hope you enjoy!!


Sound Sample: Lessdress - Sweet Venice




From Poland to the fantastic rock 'n' roll nation of Sweden, is were we find ourselves our second signing of the month, Road Ratt.





The story behind Road Ratt is quite an extensive one, so I will try and make it as brief as possible. Road Ratt formed in Gothenburg, Sweden as IcewingIcewing briefly changed to Hot 'N' Spicy before a British bikers-gang inspired the permanent change to Road Ratt. The band added the extra "t" in Ratt to have equal amount of letters in both words for the logo to look balanced.


With Ola Johansson (Bass) and Patrik Herrstrom (Drums) as replacements the band participated in an international band contest called Band Explosion. Out of 800 Scandinavian contenders, Road Ratt reached Top-4, and it was at that time when the local press started to take notice. Determined not to be a talent show phenomenon, Road Ratt now focused on their live act and on writing new material for a second demo.


1992 was when Road Ratt really put their mark on the music scene with the release of their debut album "Reel 2". Nominated for a Swedish Grammy in the category Best Hard Rock Album along with Electric Boys, Candlemass and Sator, Road Ratt ended up losing out to Sator.


In 1993 the band were nominated for Best Newcomer and Best Album at Swedish Zeppelin-Awards. Losing out this time to Clawfinger in both cases. Road Ratt however performed live at the event broadcasted by M.T.V.'s Headbangers Ball. The Headbangers Ball episode hosted by Vanessa Warwick featured a lengthy interview with the band and the international premiere for their Itsypooked video.


After the tour, work began on a second album but the Grunge Scene was taking over and the band members started on side projects resulting in lack of commitment. The album with the working title "Young Nurses In Love" never made the finish line, and the saga was over.


Now back by popular demand in 2008, the band have teamed up with Suncity Records and work has finished on the final touches of their unreleased second album now entitled "You Love Us".


To me, Road Ratt's "You Love Us" album sounds uncannily like U.S. hard rocker Saigon Kick's much acclaimed album "The Lizard". This is an album that really grows on you over time and is sure to make waves in the Hard Rock scene. Check out the featured track on the album called "Going To Eden".


Sound Sample: Road Ratt - Going To Eden




The great signings keep coming with the special announcement of the signing of Hollywood's Masque.




Masque burst onto the Hollywood scene in early 1985, quickly attracting a loyal following. Playing at legendary hot spots around town including The Troubadour, The Whisky, The Roxy Theatre, Gazzarri's and many other top L.A. venues, Masque had something special.


Shortly after departing Hollywood rockers Network (who were incidentally formed by original Quiet Riot drummer Drew Forsyth), Tony Kelly teamed up with guitar extraordinaire - Dale Fine. Tony Kelly and Dale Fine originally met in their hometown of Las Vegas, joining forces a few years later in Hollywood to form Masque. Along with ex-Network bassist Bruff Brigham and former Chicago based Hard Rock outfit Thrust, drummer for Ross Cristao was the last cog in the Masque line-up.


Masque was one of the first bands to move away from the "Black Leather & Studs" image which was so prominent at that time in Hollywood spawned by Motley Crue, W.A.S.P., L.A. Guns and many others. Wanting to stand out from the crowd Masque focused on unique colorful clothing and a stage show influenced by their 70's glam rock heroes including The Dolls, KISS, Sweet, David Bowie and others. The Masque image really caught on and was eventually borrowed by some of the biggest bands of that decade.


Masque shared the bill with various unsigned bands at the time including Poison, Warrant, Stryper, Bulletboys and Guns N' Roses (who at the time were an opening act). Masque was unable to move to national fame due to internal group conflicts coupled with record label issues. The band's lineup subsequently changed to include guitarist Kevin James and drummers Mark Goodin and John Haro.


At times lead signer Tony Garcia sounds like Tony Hernell of TNT fame. When he hits notes, your windows will rattle. I suppose it's a given that all Suncity artists know their may around an axe, there is no exception here. Guitarist "Dale Fine" really puts his mark all over the music very reminiscent of Erik Turner & Joey Allen from Warrant.


Suncity Records will be releasing ALL of Masque's un-released material packed into the 1 CD which will be called "Face First". After hours and hours in the studio re-mastering, boosting and tweeting the tunes, they have come out sounding superb!


Check out the featured song of the upcoming Face First album called "Walk Tight" to get a really good feel of what this legendary Hollywood band had going on back in the glory dayz.


Sound Sample: Masque - Walk Tight




I would like to quickly take this opportunity to sincerely thank all the fans that have purchased our latest 3 releases in Johnny Crash, Cruella D'ville & Androids. All feedback so far has been nothing short of fantastic!!

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Been looking for that Lessdress release for quite a while......as for the other 2 I'll have to wait until I get home to give them a listen but if they're half as good as the other Suncity releases I'll be picking them up as well...

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Very interesting. I kinda like Lessdress and Road Ratt have stayed in my collection because there's something very likable about them. As for Masque, colour me interested!!!

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I love that song "Itsypooked" by Road Ratt. I didn't know they had ever done material for a second album. Awesome! Looking forward to hearing more samples from these guys.



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