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Most disappointing album

Guest Berry

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Which new release have you anticipated with excitement for months, only to find when it's released that it's complete shite? I remember nearly wetting myself while I looked forward to Skid Row's Subhuman Race, but I sold it after only a few listens because I was so disappointed. I've kept hold of Scorpions' Eye II Eye, but it rarely gets played apart from the excellent A Moment In A Million Years.


On the other side of the coin, I seem to be one of just a handful who actually like Def Leppard's Slang. Musical taste is a curious thing!


By the way, I'm running a sweepstake on how long it is before someone mentions Dokken. :D



[NP: Axel Rudi Pell - Shadow Zone]

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Wildside - Wildside, Sven Gali - In Wire, Shotgun Messiah - Violet New Breed, Ratt - Collage, Steelheart - Wait, Salty Dog - Every Dog Has Its Day, Skid Row - Subhauman Race, Passion Risk - Passion Risk, Def Leppard - X, Lynch Mob - Smoke, Chrome Molly - Angst This just to name a few. TIM i'll save you the time and say Sleazy Roze - Caution, The Filling IS Hot (not that i've heard it).

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Wildside - Wildside, Arcade - A2, Scorpions - Eye II Eye, Slash's Snakepit - 5 o'clock, Guns "n" Roses - Spagetti Incident, Van Halen - Van Halen III, Skid Row - Subhuman Race, Warrant - Belly To Belly, Poison - Hollyweird and Native Tongue, Dokken - All cd's after Back For The Attack, Kiss - Carnival Of Souls.

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Dokken - Shadowlife

Warrent - Ultraphobic and Belly to Belly

Queensryche - Hear in the Now Frontier

Extreme - Waiting for the Punchline

Bulletboys - Acid Monkey

Shaw/Blades - Hallucination

Pink Cream 69 - Change


All garbagius maximus.

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Is there even enough space here to post these? :blink:


Cinderella... Heartbreak Station

Arcade.... A2

Creed.... Human Clay

Dokken.... Shadowlife

..... Erase The Slate

..... Long Way Home

..... Dysfunctional

Babylon AD.... American Blitzkrieg

Extreme.... III Sides To Every Story

..... Waiting For The Punchline

58.... Diet For A New America

G'N'R .... Spaghetti Incident

..... Use Your Illusion I and II

Kiss.... Carnival Of Souls

..... Psycho Circus

LA Guns.... American Hardcore

..... Shrinking Violet

Mr Big.... Bump Ahead

Vince Neil.... Carved In Stone

Poison.... Hollyweird

Skid Row.... Subhuman Race

Slash's Snakepit.... It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere

Slaughter.... Revolution

Stream.... Nothing Is Sacred

T-Ride.... T-Ride

Ugly Kid Joe.... Motel California

Van Halen .... VHIII

Warrant.... Belly To Belly

Wildside.... Wildside



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T-Bone, please do me a favor and go and listen to your Motel California again. I love Ugly Kid Joe and Motel was a great album!, Listen to songs like "It's a Lie", "Would You Like To Be There", "Dialogue", "Shine", "Undertow" and "12 Cents ". It's a great album. You can't expect another Menace To Sobriety, which in my opinon is the best hard rock album ever.

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Cinderella... Heartbreak Station

Dokken.... Shadowlife and Long Way Home

Babylon AD.... American Blitzkrieg

Extreme.... III Sides To Every Story and Waiting for the Punchline

Love/Hate....Livin' off Layla

L.A. Guns.....Shrinking Violet and American Hardcore

Kiss.... Carnival Of Souls

Mr Big.... Bump Ahead and Hey Man

Vince Neil.... Carved In Stone

Skid Row.... Subhuman Race

Van Halen .... VHIII

Warrant.... Belly To Belly and Ultraphobic

Wildside.... Wildside

Bulletboys.....Acid Monkey

Bon Jovi....Keep the Faith and everything since!!

Guardian....Buzz and Bottlerocket

Motley Crue.....Generation Swine

Von Groove......Mission Man

Def Leppard....Slang and X

Scorpions.....Eye II Eye

Firehouse....Category 5

Dangerous Toys......the Rtist formerly Known as

Great White.....Sail Away


Queensryche....all of their 90's output

Pink Cream 69.....Change and Food for Thought



There are more....especially in the Indie and obscure markets......but I'll stick to this list.....


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Guest Fierce Heart

Judas Priest - Jugulator, Demolition

Iron Maiden - X Factor, Virtual XI

Kiss - Psycho Circus

Mötley Crüe - Generation Swine

Megadeth - Risk

Ozzy Osbourne - Down To Earth

Dokken - Shadowlife

Queensryche - Hear In The New Frontier, Q2K

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I agree I have hundreds that I could put down,but the one that sticks out bigtime are The Cars- Candy-o follow-up Panorama.That touch n go song sounds like Bonanza.I expected Little Jo and Hoss to come riding up.

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I like Queensryche's Promised Land, but it took a while to grow on me. They lost me after that though.


The new Def Leppard is a good album, but it's not a good Def Leppard Album. It's more consistent and original than Euphoria, which tried a bit too hard to be Adrenalize part 2, but not quite what I was hoping for.



NP: Downset: s/t

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David, I listened to UKJ Motel California many times and I still don't like it. There doesn't seem to be any flow on the cd. It's like they abandoned their musicianship to try and be the next Rage Against The Machine. America's Least Wanted was great and they changed to a little edgier sound for the Menace to Sobriety cd, but it too was still very good. This was too much of a drastic change for me to give it any credit. Sorry :(

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Diddo jason. Actually, I didn't like Push Comes To Shove that much either. Jackyls debut was the best.

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Guest Steve.T

I think Santers blew it big time with Guitar Alley. Following Racing Time with that crap was a huge mistake.


Anything Helix did after No Rest For The Wicked was kind of limp.


Twisted Sister after You Can't Stop Rock And Roll....no thanks.


I thought Frontiers, by Journey, sucked.

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Guest Steve.T


Well I was actually speaking as an entire album. 4 or 5 good songs and then nothing but filler does not make a god album. I also think it is where the rot began with Journey....until they put it right by ejecting big bird.


Substitute Chain Reaction for Edge Of The Blade and you have 5 good songs one after another...then? Nothing.

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