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  1. I read that Metal Sludge did an interview with Wild Boyz guitarist Matt Steavanz but i cant find it. if someone has it can you please send me the link!! It would be MUCH appreciated!!
  2. has anyone heard from Suncity lately?? it seems like they came to a screeching halt. havnt heard of any new bands or anything
  3. I'm really looking forward to the new album!! is anyone else??
  4. anyone else a fan of these guys? i have their debut ".38 Caliber Kisses" released in 1990! Really good album to! sound a lot like Faster Pussycat!!
  5. One of my favorite bands of the Genre!!
  6. Not really back stage... But i seen L.A.Guns (Phil's Version) and after they all came down to the front of the club and met everybody so got to meet them
  7. its kinda hard to tell i gotta few of them 1. Shooting Gallery- S/T 2. I, Napoleon- S/T 3. Mr. Nasty- .38 Caliber Kisses
  8. i seen the same thing.
  9. from what i heard they are gonna be touring with Vains of Jenna also
  10. did Sister Whiskey ever have any official PROMO videos. i know there is one for the song "Simple Man" on myspace but im not sure if that was a video that was made for MTV or anything back in the day was it?
  11. yesterday, i saw Ratt for the second time in my life. and they still Kick Ass! it was me, my dad, and my sister that went to the show. we arrived at the House of Blues around 7 P.M. but the doors didnt open till 8 PM. the good thing is though is that we were like 2nd in line. I was very surprised when we went in, how small the place was. I always thought the House of Blue was like a mini ARENA but it was actually a really big Night Club. we were also right up there at the stage! at about 9 PM a local band opened up the show. They even did covers of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and "Cherry Pie." about 20 minutes later SWIRL came on. They were pretty good but not the best. Their guitar player is REALLY good though. There was this guy behind me trying to boo them offstage though which pissed me off. and this drunk chick next to me was sort of doing the same thing and was yet again bumping into me. she was pissing me of so bad i was about ready to just shover with all my strength into the rest of the crowd. Swirl played about a half hour set and most people seemed to enjoy them. About 25 minutes RATT came on and the crowd started going wild! I wasnt sure what the opening song was. but the second song they stormed into "Nobody Rides for Free" which is one of my favorite Ratt songs. Another thing that pissed me off was their were a bunch of douche bags on the far left trying to mosh pit. one of them came around all the way by us. my sister got really pissed and took the kid and shoved him full force into a bunch of people and my dad almost had to pull her away so she didnt kick his ass lol! other songs they pretty much played the Whole "Out of the Cellar" album. some of the songs i never heard before but were pretty kick ass. the very last song the played was "Round and Round" and the EVERYONE went wild! Ratt puts on a GREAT show no doubt about that! if they come to your town dont miss them!
  12. going to see Ratt tonight!! should be a good show!! I will try and work up a review for you all when i get back
  13. check out my site HAIR METAL GENERATION hope ya guys like it!!
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