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  1. When I was growing up there was always records in the house. This single was the first piece of recorded music that I owned, with my name written on it. I was about three. The second single I had was "Disco Duck". I've come a long way baby.
  2. Geoff wishes! Hard to believe, but this guy was the Justin Bieber of Australia in the mid '70s.
  3. Yeah, legendary Aussie track and performer. I think JPY is still performing. This song is a great theme for the entertainment industry, sporting industry and life in general I guess. I'm sure he gets a kick out of the irony when he performs it now. Speaking of cheese, you can't get much more cheesier than "love is in the air". Great song though, with a huge AC/DC connection.
  4. I'll add Prayer '94 to my list.
  5. "All For Love", the one he did with Rod Stewart and Sting for the Three Musketeers was even cheesier!
  6. As with the Def Leppard thread, there are far too many to whittle down to ten. I love all of the first five albums. We all know and love the standards ('prayer, 'dead or alive etc), so I won't bother listing those. Always loved these tracks. Runaway Roulette Breakout Hardest Part is the Night Always Run to You Let it Rock Raise Your Hands Wild is the Wind Born to be my Baby Woman in Love Fear Edge of a Broken Heart
  7. I'm not a trader at all and I've long gotten over having the physical CD in my hands. There is however one big regret that I have. I used to own the set of 4 original KISS Solo vinyl LP picture discs. Fell on hard times back in '98ish and we parted ways. 😭
  8. Sorry mate, I did misunderstand it. All good. Apology reinstated.
  9. I think a song like this is cheesy coming from a band called "Slaughter". One of the most misleading band names BTW.
  10. You've just blown my mind. I had no idea about the original. Thanks mate! I'll be downloading the Van Stephenson albums asap. I had a quick look on the main site and noticed Dan Huff was involved. 👍
  11. Butthurt!? I think you're confusing me with Geoff, although I'm guessing he lost feeling down there years ago. Apology withdrawn.
  12. I always thought the pre chorus let this track down slightly, but there's no denying the Iconic status of the chorus.
  13. Apologies to CureTheSane for hijacking his thread, but I was listening to the first two "Slaughter" albums today and I would consider this as an example of good cheesy.
  14. Not the usual HH fare, but I love this song. I had the 12" single when it was released in '87. "Roachford" weren't really well know down here back then. Fast forward to '94 and another great track, "Only to be with you" comes from out of nowhere and dominates the charts.
  15. I find that a lot of the time, it's the second verse that's the killer.
  16. A masterpiece of a ballad. A very simple chorus well executed. We all know the indefinable qualities of a "cheesy" ballad. This is the complete opposite. Heartfelt, profound and pure quality.
  17. This one popped up on youtube. It caught my attention, for obvious reasons. It's not new, but what an absolute honey and what a voice! She has quite a few videos of covers featuring old school hard rock classics. Haven't checked them out yet.
  18. A great strip club track. I don't know if there is such a thing as a "Musical Director" for strip clubs, but what a dream job that would be! I wouldn't even need to get paid. I'd be quite happy with an intern position.
  19. I also have to emphasize, that for me personally, cheesy is not necessarily a bad thing at all. It all comes down to the quality of the song.
  20. It's hard to define, but it exists.
  21. We seemed to have strayed off topic here, but to me a cheesy ballad is all about the lyrics. D2's "I still think about you" is another one. The fact that you could get that and "Slipped her the big one" on the same album is another thing I loved about this music back in the day. All the bands did it. As mentioned, Firehouse's "Love of a Lifetime" is a great example. Of course, "cheese" can be found in songs other than ballads.
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