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  1. Fuck!, I'm loving this album. Thanks for the heads up Sam.
  2. Yeah, here's another five cool ones. Wish he'd do more.
  3. If he does steal it, you could always go with "Cunny Funt".
  4. I thought i'd edit this original post and include an AFL tutorial video. Remember, it's Aussie Rules, not Rugby.
  5. The W.A.S.P. track was "Restless Gypsy". Don't think they ever had one called "Electric Gypsy". L.A. Guns did though.
  6. I poke shit, but I love the NFL. When you get to grips with the rules and appreciate the strategies involved, you realize that It really is a chess game. There's more strategic skill involved in the NFL than the NRL, that's for sure. The AFL, however is a level above all other Football codes.
  7. Get your guys to take off the Motocross protection, then we'll talk.
  8. Epic day mate. I've always liked "The Gin Blossoms" also. "No Doubt" and "TPUSA" were always good value.
  9. This one is a big contender for me. This song and album are a great example of what the old school bands that we love should be doing. First album in 27 years and they've picked up where they'd left off. Early 90s "Queensryche" influenced Hard Rock. If it's not broken don't fix it. Steelheart, Giant, Tyketto, Riverdogs, Hericane Alice, etc, etc, could learn a lesson.
  10. The '89 Grand Final was a war, but yeah, this is one of the most brutal ever.
  11. The fact that you thought you could impress Geoff (an Aussie) with that clip is adorable. Bear in mind the stuff in the following clips is tame compared to the 70s and 80s. Even our women play with more heart than those NFL overpaid Prima Donnas.
  12. Someone needs to call Chris Hansen ASAP.
  13. Glad you weren't offended mate.
  14. Welcome back mate. Actually we were discussing your absence not long ago and also discussing your age. I for one found it hard to believe you're only 13. Your writing and musical knowledge is more akin to someone older. Hey, take it as a compliment and if you are a man in his mid thirties, that's cool too.
  15. Really? She's married to John McEnroe? YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS! Never knew that.
  16. I've always loved Patty Smyth. "The Warrior" is one of my favourite songs ever and "Goobye To You" is pure 80s. I'll have to check this and her other solo work out. Also, having watched the new videos, I think after all this time I would still give her one. I'm a sentimental guy at heart.
  17. This is a cool album. This track is a killer!! Glad to see they've retained their early "Queensryche" vibe. Good stuff! Great cover art BTW.
  18. Actually, that is very interesting. The "Catherine Wheel" was a medieval torture device, as was the "Iron Maiden".
  19. I love Priest's version of Green Manalishi. The original by Fleetwood Mac is also great and Victory do a great version as well. I don't think it's Priest's biggest or most well known hit though.
  20. I don't know if these guys had any bigger hits, I don't think they did. Wasn't really a fan. I am however, a big fan of "The Doors". "The Lost Boys" soundtrack strikes again!
  21. First video just popped up in my recommendations. It's pretty cool and the name of the song is perfect. It got me thinking about songs that feature backward lyrics/Speech. These two sprang to mind.
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