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  1. "Beth" by KISS is riddled with cheese.
  2. I would 100% classify "Love Bites" as a ballad.
  3. Yeah, Junkyard Dog is definitely a killer intro. On a side note, from the first day I got "Pull", i've tried to figure out what the image is on the cover. It looks like some sort of microscopic shot. Any ideas?
  4. Some nice riffage on this intro. These guys are always very good value.
  5. A great pre chorus example on this classic.
  6. I remember hidden tracks were quite popular around this time. Are they still a thing? Anybody know of any recent examples?
  7. Another thought provoking masterpiece from Queensryche.
  8. Listening to some "Firehouse" today. The first tim I heard this song it moved me. 25 odd years later it still does. Great song and great message, although it is easier said than done.
  9. I know what you mean. I can't find a copy of the lyrics for their latest album online either.
  10. I should really start downloading all these classic clips from YouTube. There's so many, I don't know if I want to "pull that thread".
  11. I couldn't whittle it down to a top ten. Way too hard, but I did always love "White Lightning" and "Tonight".
  12. Here's three from the upcoming album due Jan 10. I've always loved these guys , but it looks like they've taken it up a notch and added more of a melodic vibe (compared to their previous stuff). I'm realy loving these tracks and really, really Looking forward to the album. "Dracula" is slightly corny, but fun. I'm getting a heavier "Devil's Train" feel. Another "Devil's Train" album would be nice also.
  13. This album also contains "I was made for lovin' you" (KISS) and "We all sleep alone" (Cher)
  14. They are essentially the same thing. I was just being pedantic. I would say a pre chorus is a type of bridge connecting the verse to the chorus, but a bridge doesn't necessarily have to be before a chorus. Here's a couple of examples of what I consider bridges followed by another Roxus track with a great pre chorus. How "Body Heat" never made it to the album I will never know.
  15. I always thought a pre chorus was the section between the verse and the chorus, hence the name. Whereas a bridge was the middle section in a song connecting the beginning and the end, hence the name.
  16. Love this album. John Sykes seems to be another one of those great artists to have "fallen through the cracks".
  17. These are more pre-choruses, rather than "Bridgesss". A couple more featuring the great Vivian Campbell. The solo on "Firedance" is perfection also.
  18. Catching up with some older stuff as usual on my break. One of my favourite albums. This was another CD that took me a while to get back in the day. What a Legend Vivian Campbell is.
  19. This one popped up last year (2019) apparently. A low key show. Sounds very intimate. Would've been great to be there. One of the big things I got out of this was discovering Justin Benlolo. Never heard of him before. His band is called "BRKN Love". Not groundbreaking, but not bad. I think he's worth keeping an eye on.
  20. Yeah, when I heard talk of cancelling the big inner city ones I thought it was a bit of an over reaction. I think it was more of a sensitivity thing than safety related. I have to say, when I woke up to the news saying "Australia welcomes in the New Year with spectacular fireworks displays", it did seem a bit insensitive after seeing the images from Mallacoota especially. Having said that, New Year's is obviously always in the middle of Summer down here and bushfires are always a thing in Summer, so I'm not sure why there was a big deal about this year.
  21. Happy New Year to everyone.
  22. Not forgotten by fans of the genre. Correct me if I'm wrong Alpha, but with these threads it's more of a forgotten by "history" kinda thing.
  23. This one brought a smile to my face. Gotta love the Macho Man.
  24. You could cross the Grand Canyon on this one.
  25. I was gonna post this in "Song of the Day", but I think it deserves to be in this thread. The contrast between this and my previous post is what I love about this music. We all love the heavier stuff, yet we also appreciate the softer AOR stuff. An Aussie connection to this one, although I much prefer this version to the original. The movie "Dudes" also features another Aussie connection. It stars Flea from "RHCP", who was born in Melbourne. I also love this song because I am a Rock n Roll outlaw!
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