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  1. There aren't too many choruses that Marcie Free sings that aren't great. Here's three from "Long Way From Love". I'm not stupid enough to declare this the greatest AOR album ever, but it's certainly in the conversation.
  2. This is Gary Hughes's "Candle in the Wind" moment. His lyrics are poetry, as usual. The line "and soft is the Tourniquet" is particularly moving.
  3. There's a very good reason why this track was and still is a genre crossing mainstream hit. I defy any of you to listen to this and not sing along. One of the best albums ever BTW.
  4. Great song. Great chorus. I've always had a soft spot for the first two Little Caeser albums.
  5. I'm a beer man, although I have dabbled in spirits. I dont particularly like the taste of any alcohol. It's all about the effect for me. I went through a bit of an absinthe phase, but now it's predominantly beer. When I first started drinking I drank Strongbow apple cider. Stronger than beer, but fuck me the hangovers were beyond brutal. Being made from apples, I guess the sugar content was through the roof. My family were never big drinkers at all, but every year when I was little at Christmas, my Grandmother would have a glass of Bailey's Irish Cream and I was allowed to have a small glass.......nectar of the Gods.
  6. That's a very good point mate. So, it's a punctuation thing. Nice one. I don't have a physical copy of the album. We need to see the official lyrics in written form. If what you say is true, then I may be able to listen to this version again without cringing, which makes me happy, because it is one of the great covers. Thanks mate.
  7. Here's a couple. One from the 70's and one from the 80's. "Moonlight Shadow" for me, is one of those time travel songs that takes me back to the 80's everytime I hear it. It's a great track even though I have no idea what it's about. "Stairway to Heaven" of course, is the most fascinating songs of all fascinating songs. Try listening to it backwards sometime.
  8. Hope everyone has a great day!
  9. That's a great choice, but there was always one thing that irked me about the UKJ version. The original starts off with "When ya comin' Dad?", then transitions into "When ya comin' home Son?". The subtle change in the chorus is the whole point of the song, yet UKJ decided to begin with "When ya comin' home Son". Not sure why they did this, as I said, it completely misses the point of the song.
  10. The biggest hurdle I have when it comes to listening to new music is the fact that I love listening to my old favorites. There's only so many hours in the day. Here's one from the vaults that I'm sure you all know, but haven't heard in a while. I got this album when I was 19 and it was on heavy rotation. A "One in a Million" album, you might say.
  11. I heard this version of Fleetwood Mac's "Little Lies" recently in the background of a youtube video. It mesmerized me. Such a soothing and relaxing rendition. One man, one guitar. Amazing.
  12. Here's three (I double checked) for your consideration. The "Damn Yankees" one is one of the best ever.
  13. TEN are the Kings of Gnostic Melodic Hard Rock music. One song which always fascinated me was "You're My Religion" from "The Name of the Rose". Not their best track, but although it sounds like a standard Hard Rock "sex" song, the lyrics are a bit more profound. It ends with the line "You're the Temple of Messianic truth". That's some deep shit.
  14. Perhaps scary isn't the right word. More like "surprising".
  15. Ha! Thanks mate. Not sure what happened there.
  16. Some nice ones there Cody. A couple I hadn't heard before. Glad you're back mate. As I said before, so many great choruses. Here's four that i've always loved. A bit of an eclectic mix.
  17. Great job. Really brought a smile to my face. I know he cops a lot of shit, but I love this guy.
  18. Interesting. Is George doing double duty? It would be strange to see Dokken without him, knowing he was on the same bill. I'm guessing by the poster that he's not performing with Dokken, but the encore with him and Don will consist of two, maybe three Dokken songs. I think the term "Reunion Tour" could mean the fact that they're touring together, but not necessarily with the same band. Any thoughts?
  19. "He's the shining and the light without whom I cannot see." Ghost - He is.
  20. We all love a great movie fight scene. Here's one of the best from 1955 with Spencer Tracy and Ernest Borgnine of all people. Not a special effect in sight. Great movie BTW.
  21. Any chorus that Floor Jansen sings could warrant inclusion in this thread. Not only is this a great song with a great chorus, this live performance is something that still gives me goosebumps on goosebumps with the volume pumped on the headphones and a few beers in me. One the best live performances ever!
  22. "I look for Heaven in the Hell I've been through." C.I.T.A. - Through the Years.
  23. Here's another couple of greats. I first heard the Kane Roberts track on a great compilation CD I picked up back in the day. I can't remember the name at the moment, but it's listed on the main site. Rough and Ready, I think? It was one of those choruses that gave me goosebumps on first listen. Took me a while to get the album. The 1st Avenue track is all class.
  24. As an Aussie, I'm very proud of the Roxus "Nightstreet" album. Always loved this track and chorus. The pre-chorus isn't too shabby either.
  25. In a couple of days he premieres "Needles and Pins". I was lucky enough to have a Mum that loved all music. I grew up listening to a lot of 60s Britpop, especially "The Hollies" and "The Searchers". Always loved this track, so I'm interested to see how Jorn handles it. I'd never heard the version by "Jackie Deshannon" before, but she looks like she was quite the hottie back in the day.
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