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  1. Definite Alternative feel. Not bad, pleasant, listenable but not really my thing.
  2. Actually, I just noticed noticed that you mentioned it in your op. I'll check it out.
  3. The "Soft Cell" version of "Tainted Love" is also a cover and their biggest hit.
  4. Video is "not available in my country". What's the name of the song?
  5. I haven't seen either, but I've heard good things
  6. This is an Australian one hit wonder band from 1987 and that one hit was a cover. I had the 45 of this single and can distinctly remember watching this clip on MTV and buying it. I'm sure the Aussie and British members will recognize the girl in the video. She was in her prime back then. Still on Aussie TV today.
  7. The first clip goes for 7 and a half minutes, but it's the last 90 seconds that kick arse. The second clip is a favorite of mine. "It's called adrenaline bitch".
  8. I've posted this before in "Interesting youtube videos", but I should have put it here. Very old school, very cool.
  9. The Billy Idol one may be contentious, but I think that was his biggest hit.
  10. The RBG death has added another interesting aspect to the election. "Sky News Australia" is very much the "Fox News" down under and quite partisan, but there is one thing the host says that I think is spot on. "There's a landslide coming".
  11. I made a conscious effort not to mention that abomination.
  12. I need to make more of an effort with this topic. I was reminded over the weekend of this amazing one man effort during the 2005 AFL Finals. The Swans would go on to win the Grand Final (Superbowl) on the back of this performance. I'm sure CTS will appreciate this one.
  13. Any new music from Marcie is always a good thing. Although, something a bit more Hard Rock, like her King Kobra days would be nice.
  14. This is a great scene from a great movie about a very fascinating subject that has always interested me. Joan of Arc. It's not very often you hear the phrase "Load the porcupine!", in a battle scene.
  15. One of the most Glorious "one hit wonders" in Australian history.
  16. R.I.P. He wasn't a St. Kilda supporter as well?............too soon?
  17. 80's Pop music compilation cassettes were a big part of my collection. One of them was "1982 Out of the Blue". I played this Rick Springfield track to death when I was 10.
  18. This is a great track that has in all honesty, been done to death, but hey, this is "Dino". A stellar line up with an Aussie connection.
  19. Here's one from the 80s the "At the Movies" guys missed. Maybe vol 2? This is definitely my favorite "Pat Benatar" track and apparently it was the theme for a 1985 movie called "The Legend of Billie Jean" starring "Helen Slater", so it qualifies. All three of these versions hit the spot for me when it comes to covers. Different, but not too different.
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