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  1. 'Antisocial' media - I like that. It's a great site. But I'd still think of it as 21st C social media as it's connecting people socially around the world via digital means/media who would never have been likely to touch base with each other otherwise
  2. Been listening to various Reo Speedwagon tracks, was surprised how many I recognised and hadn't realised they were by them. They've done some seriously freaky videos though! Anyone got a fave track by them to recommend that's not among their major hits?
  3. Isn't this site a form of social media? (Or is it heresy to say that?)
  4. It's rare that I listen to a whole album in one sitting nowadays but Prequelle holds my interest throughout. Will defo give some of their other albums a listen
  5. Ah I'll check some of these out today. Had a bit of an overload of listening to music and took a much needed break but am so ready to get back into it
  6. I love Cirice by them. Rats is pretty cool too ? They work some cool harmonies
  7. Shawn Colvin - Monopoly. Just B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=D6QlBwyhbzk
  8. I remember I used to be embarassed to admit i liked ABBA, but then I was embarassed to admit to liking anything when I was a teenager. Took me a while to admit to loving the tracks from Jesus Christ Superstar too for some reason but they're actually awesome some of them
  9. Oooh I'm gonna have fun checking out some of the albums on the lists! It sure was a good year, such a lot of strong material being written!
  10. This one made me laugh even though I can't understand most of what of what he's saying. I guess it's not strictly speaking a cover but it's cleverly done. The guy is a popular politician in Greece
  11. Wow Geoff! I am seriously impressed. That shows such commitment to music to have taken the time and effort rating all these! I stand in awe
  12. I kind of liked the simple concept of the video and reckon it worked well as a lyric video (in fact I've shared the link with a couple of people). Good song too!
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