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  1. Just wanted to add that even though I've never been a member of other forums, I'm still well aware of them all and the knowledge, information, respect and dare I say comradery of this group is a special thing. It's a great sanctuary. Having the best "our music" database on the main site isn't too shabby either.
  2. Well said mate and I wholeheartedly agree. This is the first and only forum I've been a member of and I can honestly say that I've never had a bad experience here. BTW, very nice touch with the new thread Dan.
  3. Here's two from "Soren Andersen - Guilty Pleasures". An album released last year that I missed. It's an instrumental album, which is fine, but it's such a shame these tracks aren't accompanied by vocals. Having said that, every now and then I'm in the mood for some instrumental stuff and this is top notch. The second track does borrow heavily from "Stormbringer" though.
  4. A great instrumental cover of a classic. Pure class.
  5. Here's another contender perhaps? Sensational track and video BTW. I was only eight when this album was released, so I can't say it was on my radar back then, although "Thin Lizzy" were always in the periphery on TV back in those days. What a sad loss Phil Lynott was.
  6. I'm really enjoying this one. Here's a couple of great tracks.
  7. After rewatching some "Community" best of videos, I believe "Alison Brie" goes to the very top of my list. FUCK YOU! Dave Franco.
  8. This recent one just popped up on my youtube recommendations. It's got Cody written all over it. What a legend this guy is BTW. Absolute Rockstar. I might just change my user name to "Bilzerian101".
  9. Motorhead for sure. They would have been great without Lemmy. The Clash. Never understood their popularity. The Ramones. Anthrax.
  10. I love DIO. Back in my pre-school days the Roger Glover song "Love is all" animated film clip from "The Butterfly Ball" was on early morning TV literally every morning. One of my earliest ever music memories. I think his voice imprinted on my brain.
  11. I'd just discovered Little Caeser when T2 came out and recognized him straight away. The credits confirmed it and I got a kick out of it. Here's one you might not be aware of. The 1984 sex comedy "Hardbodies" was regularly rented by me from my local video store back in my early teen "titty movie self isolation" days. It was only recently that I discovered "Vixen" were the all girl band who featured prominently. They had more of a pop/rock vibe.
  12. You could probably include this recent offering.
  13. Riley Reid Shyla Jennings Sabrina Rouge All at the same time!
  14. Absolutely appreciate the gesture, but the fact is that you're doing it just as hard as the rest of us at the moment. Donation drive or not I've thrown a small amount your way. Hopefully some of the more prolific posters will do the same. In this time especially, an oasis of sanity like this site is very much appreciated and needed.
  15. A four song Corona playlist. The The - Infected Robert Palmer - Doctor Doctor Huey Lewis and The News - I Wanna New Drug The Doors - The End
  16. Pantera springs to mind. Pump this one up BTW. Great track.
  17. Darkstone


    When it comes to advice given about handling the virus, I am a staunch supporter of this particular philosophy.
  18. I enjoyed the first two. Looking forward to this.
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