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  1. To set the record straight. I may have been suspicious at first, but I absolutely 100% believe you are who you say you are. I'm very sorry that it seemed to cause you some distress mate. I am however a shit stirrer, so I will be refering to it occasionally Sir.
  2. I don't know. Specifically Eastern European. Possibly even Turkish and more than likely incarcerated. I just have a hunch. I'm only joking of course mate.
  3. I really love this one, although it's more of a "pre-battle" scene. You don't actually see the battle. You don't need to.
  4. Sorry mate, I still think you're a middle aged gentleman, possibly European. On a serious note, is that that the second image of Michael Hutchence you've used as a profile picture? Another example of good taste beyond your years.
  5. Darkstone


    You're not wrong there mate. I live in a rural area of Victoria and every day on my way home from work, I have to pass through a checkpoint manned by Police Officers and Soldiers. I then have to produce my "papers" (Drivers license/work permit). It's surreal.
  6. Great clip. Very well said. I have faith that most Americans realize these truths, but you never know.
  7. Yeah, I've always been a fan of Bill Maher.
  8. This is still a question that puzzles me. I would have thought the "Main Site" regular comment posters would be keen to interact with the Forum.
  9. Always been a fan of David 'Rock' Feinstein. Love "The Rods". "Poison Ivy" popped up in my rotation today and I was gonna post it in "Song of the Day". When I got home I revisited the album and thought, Fuck it, I'll just post the whole thing. Great Melodic Metal. I really love this album. It's quality stuff and there's no denying David Feinsteins' Legendary pedigree. John West smashes it on vocals BTW. The first track is the weakest, but the rest are Gold IMO. PUMP IT UP!
  10. Not technically a Tribute. But, the story pays Tribute to the type of guy he was. BTW Cody, could you please edit the thread title. It's annoying.
  11. Here's an interesting observation regarding the SCOTUS. Republican or Democrat Court "stacking" is a smoke screen. There's always been a bigger agenda behind everything. As he says in the clip "Catholics play the long game".
  12. I was aware of this before I heard Pats' version. Don't know how many of you realized her version was a cover.
  13. Weird, weird shit, but it made me laugh. So many talented people have so much time on their hands.
  14. There's a small bridge like the one above in South Melbourne called the "Montague St. Bridge". It's famous. Trucks have been caught under it for decades. It's a bit of a running joke. Even though there is a ridiculous amount of signage and a height measuring gantry on both sides well before the bridge, it still happens.
  15. One from out of the (Boom) box, but still a great "battle". I'm Metal all the way baby!, but the whole newly emerging "Rap/Hip-Hop/Breakdance" thing was a big part of my pre-teen life. "Breakers Revenge" was played many times on my "Boom Box".
  16. I don't hear it, but that is a legendary 80s track. Have you heard this great version?
  17. XYZ - Lonely Without You. Heard this original demo again today in my rotation. I've posted it before, so I thought i'd bump my original post. I still can't for the life of me, understand how the original arrangement didn't make it on either one of their first two albums. Fuck, I love this song.
  18. Of course, US politics has more influence throughout the world than arguably any other country. American culture is also prominent in pretty much all corners of the Globe.
  19. Another nod to our Canadian friends. This track was apparently released all the way back in '86 in Canada. It was then re-released in 1990. That's when I first heard it. For some reason all my other mates hated it. I think it was the fact that it was from a non-Metal/Hard Rock band. I've never been a fan of these guys at all and I couldn't name another one of their tracks, but I've always loved this one and still do.
  20. Yeah, we used to get SCTV reruns on cable down here in the early 90s. Classic.
  21. Two great songs. Different songs, same Title, same sentiment.
  22. Yep, familiar with The Red Green Show and I loved the "Kids In The Hall". I always thought that Kevin McDonald was one of the most underrated comedians of his time.
  23. I'm still Pro-Trump, don't get me wrong, but I'm also Pro Glen's prophetic skills. Although, I guess you didn't really have to be Nostradamus to see it coming. Just over three weeks away from who the Fuck knows what.
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