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    It makes you wonder what would happen if a virus popped up that was bubonic plague, highly contagious and killed you within a month or so. The people contracting it would be considered "walking dead". Zombie apocalypse? Also, on a side note. Before the Corona Virus the biggest international news was the Hong Kong protests. It was getting out of hand and the world was wondering how China was going to react. They couldn't go in all guns blazing, but the situation was unacceptable. Then, all of a sudden Corona Virus pops up. A few weeks ago it was illegal to wear a face mask in public in Hong Kong due to the protests, then within a blink of an eye you could be arrested for not wearing one! I'm not trying to get all conspiracy theoryish, just sayin'.
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    How dare you attack Geoff. You dirty rotten #@$%&÷*& "#$+×) ¥₩£.
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    I can absolutely understand panic buying and stockpiling of essential items in a time crisis, however it only seems to be toilet paper that people are obsessed with, at least down here anyway.
  4. Darkstone


    Saw this a couple of days ago. An obvious parody, but well done nonetheless.
  5. Darkstone


    The toilet paper panic here in Australia is insane.
  6. I'm just wondering how long before the album title becomes a headline.
  7. These "Monsters of Rock" cruises sound epic. What's the male to female ratio?
  8. "Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs" (a legendary Aussie band) released a song in 1964 called "Mashed Potato". It was a cover, but still managed to reach top 10 nationally at the time. When it comes to songwriting, sometimes less is more.
  9. Not music related, but I think we've all been there at least once in our lives. The commentary is the best part. What a legend this guy is.
  10. Spending $50 on an album in the 9th Grade! That's hardcore man. I salute you.
  11. You've put in a lot of time setting this up. Thanks for that mate, but this is one of your hardest one's yet! I know it's a cop out, but I couldn't possibly pick a favorite album (from the 80s) and most songs for me are memorable.
  12. Yes, I may have been a bit hasty about the discography, but I still think it overshadows the album.
  13. Came across this youtube video today about "The Look". What a great band Roxette were, what a great talent Marie was and what a great musical culture the swedes are.
  14. Not only does this song overshadow the rest of the album, but IMHO it arguably overshadows the rest of the discography.
  15. Great track and great question. I wonder if Andrew over at MelodicRock has ever tested the waters with Juno and the boys. I reckon a new album would be very well received to say the least.
  16. I heard this one today and remembered what a "mighty" track it was. I picked this one up as a blind purchase when it was released. The album cover, the image, everything was right. They open with "Nightmares" and I was blown away. One of my favourite songs. Unfortunately, the rest of the album was a huge disappointment. To be fair, I haven't listened to the full album for a while, but "Nightmares" was such a hard act to follow.
  17. After a night of Dokken and Lynch Mob, you can imagine how the place would absolutely go off when Don and George hit the stage together at the end. I'm guessing however, that Don's recent surgery issues have put the kibosh on any tour in the near future. It's a shame. I hope he gets well. The same thing happened to my grandfather. We talk about replacing lead singers in bands all the time, but it's a bit hard when the band is named after the guy. I guess unlike Warrant or Van Halen say, Dokken is definitely an example of no Don, no Dokken.
  18. Darkstone


    Is the Lingerie League still a thing? Now that's my kind of football.
  19. Here's four great songs from a great eclectic album. More like "Album of the day".
  20. Thanks again for the time and effort put in guys.
  21. I noticed this popped up as a new addition to the main site and was intrigued. Wanted to find out more info, so thanks for posting mate.
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