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  1. I was also 3 for 4.And I'll also go with the home teams next weekend.
  2. You're Gonna Get It-Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
  3. I was off for only 5 days.Just glad that school is back in session !
  4. I'll take 2 out of 4 ,especially with the Steelers getting beat !
  5. Brother Cane-Seeds Cheap Trick-The Greatest Hits Expose-Greatest Hits Eve6-S/T Lou Gramm-Long Hard Look Information Society-S/T Pat Metheny Group-Letters From Home Tears For Fears-Elemental Robert Plant-Sixty Six To Timbuktu The Rules of Attraction-Soundtrack Neil Young-Silver and Gold
  6. These are my picks: Arizona Baltimore Cincinnati Dallas
  7. nyoilers

    Buckeyes !

    ^^^^ It's all about the recruiting and Michigan has been lacking in that the past few years.Maybe harbaugh can help them.I doubt he stays around more than 5 years,though.
  8. He played guitar for Billy Squire and Rod Stewart.Had a few health issues in recent years and passed away today at 59.
  9. nyoilers

    Buckeyes !

    So glad to see tOSU beat Alabama and Nick Satan !
  10. For X-mas I got the new Michael Connelly,John Sanford,james Patterson and Stephen King books.
  11. Yes,tonight's game and Monday night's game can clear up the playoff picture.AZ is in already but can win the division tonight.
  12. nyoilers

    Bill Cosby

    ^^^^^ HAHAHAHAHA !!!!
  13. nyoilers

    Bill Cosby

    He's been somebody who tells young men to pull their pants up.I think he should've kept his pants up.
  14. Never heard of them,only the New Riders of the Purple Sage.
  15. The Jazz won a game so it's okay to post again !
  16. nyoilers

    Bill Cosby

    I never liked him and now I like him even less,if that's possible.
  17. Bangles-Greatest Hits Barenaked Ladies-Maroon Eric Clapton-Chronicles Christopher Cross-S/T Drowning Pool-Sinner Corey Hart-Best Of Gary Numan-Remodulate R.E.M.-Murmur Saliva-Blood Stained Love Story The Wallflowers-Breach
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