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  1. ^^^^ Don't know if this applies to what you said but last year I bought a car(used2010) and on the drive home from getting it I tried the CD player and it didn't seem to work.The Cd wouldn't go in.Finally I decided to hit the eject button and out comes a CD-Adele 21.So whoever had the car before me or one of the dealership employees left the CD in so now they're stuck with an empty case !
  2. Likin' the new Godsmack tune !
  3. Misplaced Childhood-Marillion
  4. Anthrax-Armed and Ready Peter Gabriel-S/T (3) Radiohead-Hail to the Thief U2-The Unforgettable Fire
  5. Crime of the Century-Supertramp
  6. I better pick up the pace to catch you !
  7. :lol:We only see our own warning points,Rocker.I have 100 so at least I'm beating you at something ! But then again,I could be lying and you'll never know....
  8. ^^^^ The Eyes of Alice Cooper is a great CD !
  9. Your one post is very lonely.
  10. I've been reading some books by the author Linwood Barclay.
  11. Me and a few co-workers exchange CD's every now and then.Never had a problem with these guys.
  12. Rooting for Chicago to make the finals !
  13. Good Stuff,Fireforce ! Aerosmith-Draw The Line Alice In Chains-Unplugged Jethro Tull-Benefit Yes-Relayer
  14. Unfortunately,I'm usually mowing the lawn after work,which cuts down on any enjoyment of beer drinking.It's work,mow the lawn,eat dinner then I have an hour or two for myself then sleep.
  15. Aerosmith-S/T Common-Finding Forever CSN&Y-American Dream Firehouse-Category 5 Marillion-Six of One.Half Dozen of the Other Opeth-Blackwater Park The Police-Zenyatta Mondatta The Pussycat Dolls-PCD George Thorogood & the Destroyers-Haircut Utopia-Bootleg Series Vol.2 Yes-The Definitive Rock Collection
  16. It took my 4 days to finish the first mowing.1 hour for the front,45 minutes for the sides and 1 1/2 hours for the back.It takes longer the first time plus I bag.usually it's 5 bags but this time it was 8 lawn bags full.
  17. I would rather have then turn off their shitty music.
  18. I have a self-propelled mower that's on its last legs.
  19. nyoilers

    Lawn Mowing

    Today was the first time this year I mowed the lawn,or at least some of it.I never really enjoyed doing this but I guess someone has to.
  20. I guess summer is officially starting here.Anytime I pump gas into my car there always has to be somebody that has to listen loudly to their music while they pump gas into their car.That's why I always keep a metal CD in my car so when I pull away I make sure they have to hear my music !
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