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  1. You'll find that there's a sh*tload of new music !
  2. A big American welcome to ya !
  3. nyoilers


    Welcome to the site !
  4. I'm liking what's coming out in the coming months: St.Asonia Disturbed Iron Maiden Teenage Time Killer W.A.S.P.
  5. Believe me,they do !
  6. Damn ! I got stung again.This time by a bumble bee.Got me straight between the eyes !Thankfully I had sunglasses on or it could've been much worse.
  7. From Cape Cod Flea Market- David Bowie-Changesbowie Cream-Strange Brew Best Of Faster Pussycat-Whipped Daryl Hall & John Oates-Marigold Sky Lady Antebellum-Need You Now L.A.Guns-Hollywood Vampires Little River Band-All-Time Greatest Hits Missing Persons-Best Of The Presidents of the United States-II Brian Setzer-Collection'81-'88 Traffic-The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys
  8. Had a tough go of it on our Cape Cod trip.Usually we go Sunday and with the bigger crowds I can sneak away.Well, it rained on Sunday this year so no flea market that day.We ended up going on Thursday and my wife stuck with me the whole time ! I did manage to get about 10 CD's but probably would've gotten more !
  9. Tony Carey-I Won't Be Home Tonight Sammy Hagar-Nine On A Ten Scale -Best Of Hughes-Turner Project-2 Iron Maiden-The Number of the Beast
  10. I believe Blackie is now a Christian.Plus ,he won't sing Animal anymore in concert.
  11. Congrats ! I do hope this doesn't cut down on your number of posts.
  12. Definitely Marillion.And the one CD Genesis did after Phil Collins left was terrible.
  13. With that title I guess we'll hear some religious stuff like the last CD.
  14. David Bowie-Ziggy Stardust Fight-A Small Deadly Space L.A.Guns-Hollywood vampires Little Caesar-Influence Aldo Nova-Subject Prince-Sign O The Times U.S.bandit-S/T W.A.S.P.-Helldorado Frank Zappa-We're Only In It For The Money/Lumpy Gravy -Chunga's Revenge
  15. Welcome ! I was on Sleazeroxx also but didn't post much in the past couple of years.
  16. I live within 30 minutes of Albany and I don't know of hardly any used CD stores.I do hit FYE because they have used CD's.But I'm guessing you're going to NYC.
  17. Great ! There's a Martinsane and I thought that was you and you were cured ! I myself was growing tired of someone pretending to be someone they're not and also of the 50+ year old guy living with his Dad telling us how we all live in a trailor.I didn't know Skid was retiring...
  18. Welcome to the site ! I'm on Sleazeroxx also but not much lately.
  19. Black Sabbath featuring Tony Iommi-Seventh Star Dokken-Breaking The Chains Firehouse-O2 Judas Priest-Hell Bent For Leather The Sword-Age of Winters Robin Trower/Michael Schenker-Back To Back Hits Got these from FYE.
  20. As I put in another post,the Live Van Halen had a #20 debut.That shocked me on how bad it was.I'd like to see some strong numbers for the new Disturbed,5FDP and Maiden when they come out in the next couple of months.
  21. I only have the Phobia CD and that is pretty good.I think it shocked everyone in the music business that they sold so many CD's in the first week.
  22. Roxy Blue-Want Some?(my 2nd copy) Paul Shortino/JK Northrup-Back On Track Sleeze Beez-Screwed Blued & Tattooed Wildside-Under The Influence(Been wanting this one and finally broke down and spent the $20+ for it)
  23. Their new CD had a #1 debut on Billboard selling 141,000 copies.Pretty impressive feat for them.Their first #1 CD and the biggest week of sales for them ever.
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