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  1. I'd rather see Russell Wilson get the MVP than P.Manning.
  2. From Metalmaniac777-Thanks Mark! Bobaflex-Hell in My Heart Cry Havoc-Fuel That Feeds The Fire Damn Yankees-S/T -Don't Tread Danger Danger-Four The Hard Way Default-One Thing Remains Eve To Adam-Locked and Loaded Fair Warning-Rainmaker 5FDP-The Wrong Side of Heaven...Vol.1
  3. Raise Your Fist and Yell-Alice Cooper
  4. Bad Company-Here Comes Trouble Peter Cetera-Solitude/Solitaire Fountains of Wayne-Traffic and Weather Maroon 5-Songs About Jane David Sanborn-Backstreet Squeeze-Singles 45's and Under Warrior Soul-Last Decade Dead Century
  5. To CDJ-I'm not being allowed to quote anybody.I musta been bad this year.Anyways,I was talking about Imagine Dragons.You know,welcome to the new age......radioactive,radioactive !
  6. I believe Alice Cooper has a new CD coming out in 2014.I think it's a bunch of remakes.
  7. Asia-Then and Now Eurythmics-Greatest Hits Fergie-The Dutchess Billy Idol-Charmed Life Jefferson Airplane-The Worst Of Matisyahu-Youth Queensryche-Hear in the Now Frontier Tears For Fears-Tears Roll Down(Greatest Hits 82-92)
  8. I like a couple of the songs on the radio so I bought the CD.Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't.
  9. My daughter's a girl scout and she sells cookies.That's the only fundraiser we let her do.At least with her and your cub scout son the customers are actually getting something in return.
  10. :tits:When it comes to CD's I never joke !
  11. From Amazon: Ghost B.C.-If You Have Ghost Imagine Dragons-Night Visions One Republic-Native A Rock 'N Roll Christmas-Various Artists
  12. From The Inside-Alice Cooper
  13. I don't really know what to call these people but they're in the middle of the malls when you're walking and they come up to you,shove a bucket in your face and ask for money for a charity.Now I don't mind organizations like the Salvation Army which stand in one spot and ring a little bell but I don't like strangers approaching me in the malls asking for money.I was close to getting into an argument with this guy who got upset when I didn't donate.
  14. I thought Cruz was born in Canada.Anyways,Romney thought he was destined to be president and look how wrong he was.
  15. You mean Ted Cruz? The republicans can't be that dumb to run him for president in 2016,can they?
  16. You can turn to religion or turn to me.Your choice ! But I'm a trust worthy guy !
  17. Next time send it to my house and I'll forward it to you.I'll package it with the words"Male Enhancement Pills and Pump Enclosed"on the outside.Even if she gets to it first she won't open it !
  18. The CD Nazi is gonna get you !
  19. I am now one post closer to 11,000 !
  20. I haven't listened to RPM yet.I'll get a better opinion of the band when I give this one a listen.
  21. Down On The Upside-Soundgarden
  22. I just started listening to Skid Row with Johnny Solinger as lead vocalist and they put this remake of the version of Bach's song on the Thickskin CD and it has to be one of the worst things I've heard.Why in hell would they introduce a new lead singer and put this version of one of their most popular songs on the first CD with him?
  23. Got these from Jarred ! Thanks! Hinder-Welcome To The Freakshow Billy Joel-The Stranger Ratt-Detonator Skid Row-United World Rebellion Chapter One
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