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  1. The House passed the bill.Now it's up to the senate to do the right thing !
  2. Young Americans-David Bowie
  3. These d-bags disgrace the military by going to these funerals.The families of these heroes shouldn't have to put up with this shit.Good for the Foo Fighters !
  4. For The Greater Good of God-Iron Maiden
  5. nyoilers


    I'm just thankful that he's gone and also his grifter family. Even people I know that support Trump agree that his family should've stayed out of the limelight.
  6. I'm just trying to have a nice conversation about music,everyone sharing their opinions in a nice,peaceful way... then BAM
  7. nyoilers

    Leap Years

    Just glad that this year isn't a leap year but even so why the hell add an extra day onto February ?? I think June or July would be a better option .
  8. With that attitude I'm guessing that it's a one and only post by olofsson89. Without that attitude I'm still guessing that it's a one and only post !
  9. A Thing About You-Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
  10. Looks like an east coast trek for him performing Empire in its entirety !
  11. It's really Sweet Oblivion is Geoff Tate not featuring Geoff Tate. If people don't want to suck up to him then they are easily replaced.
  12. But the main guy is there and that's the important thing !
  13. Sounds like he's planning a September 2021 tour.
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