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  1. Jez,you bought some nice CD's this past week !
  2. ^^^^ Oh,you'd be surprised.My next one is Oingo Boingo-Best of Boingo.Another band that I heard the song Weird Science from the movie with the same name.17 songs on the CD and that is the best one.Most of the other songs suck.
  3. I like 'If You Leave" so I bought the CD and that's the only song on it I really like.But there are other CD's of greatest hits that also stink.
  4. Some groups have put out greatest hits/best of's when they only have one good song .I just listened to Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark-Best of OMD and there was one good song on it !Maybe there were a couple others I could bear to listen to again but 16 songs and 75% of them suck.
  5. A few of the reissues I have don't fit this category...oh my,what to do????
  6. So far it's 2 votes yes and 0 votes no.
  7. Barenaked Ladies-Are Me Bloodhound Gang-One Fierce Beer Coaster Deep Purple-When We Rock,We Rock and When We Roll,We Roll Great White-Hooked Korn-S/T Lady Gaga-The Fame Monster John Mellencamp-LifeDeath Love and Freedom Nelly-Country Grammer Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark-Best of OMD Rolling Stones-Steal Wheels Songs For Japan-Compilation Ugly Kid Joe-As Ugly As They Wanna Be
  8. I hate to break the news but Jethro Tull are no more.
  9. While I don't hate any of the bands I will agree with Bon Jovi.I hear enough of his older stuff on the radio that I haven't listened to one of the pre-1995 CD's in a long time.I just bought 'The Circle",it wasn't good.So for me most of his post 1995 stuff has been bad,especially any of the country sounding songs.
  10. Hate to say it but I pretty much agree with everybody here.It's a good CD but not a great one.The beginning of September does sound like Wasted Years by Maiden,though.
  11. I guess there's not many deals out there.
  12. Bonham-The Disregard of Timekeeping The Cranberries-Everybody Else Is Doing It,So Why Can't We? Godsmack-S/T Iron Maiden-Powerslave Journey-The Essential Journey Steve Miller Band-Best Of 1968-1973 Kylie Minogue-fever Nu Shooze-Poolside Smashing Pumpkins-Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
  13. The trial is suppose to start soon.
  14. I was pretty close on my prediction(pats ! self on back while looking at Katy Perry's picture).
  15. Got these for $13 at FYE: Dokken-Under Lock and Key The Jimi Hendrix Experience=BBC Sessions Judas Priest-Unleashed in the East(remastered) Alan Parsons Project-Tales of Mystery and Imagination White Stripes-Elephant Neil Young-Prairie Wind Also fromFYE: Sweet and Lynch-Only To Rise
  16. I'll do that !Hopefully soon.Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday,not doing much but drinking,playing cards and watching football.
  17. Finally got it.Went to the closest FYE and they didn't have it,then Best Buy was sold out and finally a different FYE had it.
  18. Welcome from an upstate NY guy,which is south of northern NY !
  19. I like Sixx A.M. but gotta agree with Geoff that this wasn't a good CD.
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