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  1. Yes there was.Or something that tried to sound like music.
  2. Arc Angels-S/T Bang Tango-Live Poison-Native Tongue Quiet Riot-Alive and Well Styx-Caught in the Act
  3. I never used the site but hopefully it won't go belly up.
  4. 4 From the Cape 25 cents each. Journey-Greatest Hits Charlie Sexton-Pictures For Pleasure U2-Achtung Baby -Zooropa
  5. Went to the Cape too early.Only got 4 CD's.
  6. Ordered these on Best Buy before my vacation so I'd have them when I got home: Lacuna Coil-Delirium Sixx A.M.-Prayers For the Damned Train-Does Led zeppelin II
  7. Dream Theater-S/T Eclipse-Armageddonize Scorpions-Return To Forever
  8. CDJ is still the Man ! Always was and always will be !
  9. More of the 73 John Mellencamp-Human Wheels -No Better Than This Stevie Nicks-Timespace The Outfield-Diamond Days Pink Floyd-Echoes David Lee Roth-Skyscraper Sevendust-S/T Rod Stewart-Every Picture Tells A Story Talking Heads-Sand in the Vaseline Yes-Close To The Edge Neil Young-Freedom Frank Zappa-The Man From Utopia Warren Zevon-Learning To Flinch
  10. ^^^^I didn't know Tony Carey had so many releases.
  11. Here's some of the 73 that I put in alphy order: Bryan Adams-Room Service Big Country-The Seer Blondie-Best Of Breaking Benjamin-We Are Not Alone Jackson Browne-Hold Out -I'm Alive Buffalo Springfield-Best Of Jimmy Buffett-Ultimate Collection Counting Crows-Hard Candy Firehouse-Hold Your Fire J.Geils Band-Flashback G'N'R-Live Era 87-93 Iron Maiden-Killers Elton John-The Fox -Sleeping With the Past
  12. I bought 73 CD's from craigslist for $45.I'll try to list some of them.Right now I'm overwhelmed.
  13. Think I forgot to mention the CD I won: Adrian Gale-Sucker Punch ! Also got these 2 from Demon Doll Records: Bang Tango-Pistol Whipped in the Bible Belt Jetboy-Now and Then
  14. I always look forward to this.It's like the unofficial first day of summer !
  15. Congrats I say ! Hopefully I'll hit the four digit mark soon.
  16. Demons and Wizards-Touched By The Crimson King Iced Earth-Burnt Offerings -The Reckoning Lillian Axe-Psychoschizophrenia Muse-The Resistance Rush-Snakes and Arrows Live Silent Witness-S/T Tigertailz-Bezerk
  17. nyoilers


    ^^^Never saw the show.
  18. It wasn't easy but they did it.There was a drum solo and also a keyboard solo.Plus they extended out a couple of songs.
  19. ^^^ I heard ya but they can't be legendary if I've never heard of them.Rush,Triumph,Neil Young,BTO,Bryan Adams...now they're legendary.
  20. Sorry,KarpetRyd,never heard of Spirit of the West.
  21. It was a pretty good show.No original members,though.I counted 11 songs and they played about 1 hour 45 minutes.
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