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  1. I'm gonna give it another close listen but it doesn't impress me either.
  2. Yes,the videos are making the page take a long time to open.At least for me.But remember,I can't even use the quote option,much less post a video.
  3. I don't know most of the groups/artists mentioned in other musical styles.It took about 5 minutes for the what the funk thread to open.At least now I can probably guess why Leykis 101 hasn't been around much
  4. I still say modern rock should have its own category and not be lumped in with "other music styles".
  5. I bet if we had a modern rock category posting would go up !
  6. My purchasing has been on a down low as well.That's a quote from CDJ.What it means is that he might not break 100 CD's bought for this month.
  7. ^^^^ What about Leykis101? He wasn't around for months,finally posted last month that's he's back and then I haven't heard from him since.
  8. Maybe I need to congratulate everyone individually on their post totals and then my post total would increase !
  9. People are resting on their totals.They're too busy looking at their number of 10,000 + posts that they forget to post anything.
  10. ^^^^ Now I'm getting pissed off again !
  11. Is there any way to keep track of yearly post totals?
  12. Out of the 4 books I got for X-Mas I'd say the John Sanford book is the best one !
  13. Being up 19-7 with 4 minutes to go and losing is pretty bad.The last 3 times Seattle had the ball they scored TDs .
  14. Asia-The Very Best Of Erasure-The innocents Fall Out Boy-From Under The Cork tree The Flys-Holiday Man Debbie Gibson-Greatest Hits Susanna Hoffs-S/T Kiss-Greatest Edwin McCain-Misguided Roses Lou Reed-Different Times In the '70s
  15. This has the makings of a great super bowl.Brady needs to win to elevate himself if he wants to be the GOAT ! Seattle used special teams to defeat GB ,the greatest comeback in a championship game.
  16. nyoilers

    Buckeyes !

    I'll be getting my shirt in the mail soon .....
  17. Got these for $14 at FYE: Hardline-Double Eclipse Ted Nugent-If You Can't Lick'em..Lick'em Van Halen-A Different Kind of Truth Butch Walker-Letters
  18. This Kix CD and the Judas Priest CD are my top 2 favs of 2014.
  19. I went with IV although I think they're all great.I'd say The Rover is my favorite song.
  20. I saw it differently.It looked like a catch and when Bryant extended his arm trying to score the ball hit the ground.The NFL viewed it as a catch and when Bryant went down the ball hit the ground.The best way for me to explain it is if the catch was made at the 50 yard line Bryant wouldn't have extended his arm out.It was 4th and 1,he would've had the first down so he would've caught the ball and fell down.Since the play did occur by the goal line he extended trying to score.
  21. Great set list that Dave played for his birthday bash ! Plus he got help from David lee Roth,Paul Stanley,Slash,Alice Cooper.....
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