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  1. I like the Titans picks !
  2. ^^^^Wow,only one of those I don't have !
  3. I think Axl can sing Bon's songs better than Brian can.
  4. The Defiants-S/T Otep-Generation Doom Santana-IV
  5. Great move by the Titans trading their pick to the Rams.They'll get a lot of young talent this year and they also get the Rams #1 pick in 2017 !
  6. Autograph-Loud and Clear Every Mother's Nightmare-S/T HSAS-Through The Fire Iron Horse-S/T Roxx Gang-Drinkin' T.N.T. & Smokin' Dynamite Tattoo Rodeo-Rode Hard -Put Away Wet Kip Winger-Thisconversationseemslikeadream
  7. Bar 7-The World Is A Freak Beggars & Thieves-Look What You Create Drowning Pool-Sinner(2CD) Expose-Exposure Gotthard-Dial Hard -Domino Effect Jimi Jamison-Never Too Late Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers-Pack Up The Plantation-Live Michael Schenker Group-Essential Warren Zevon-The Wind
  8. Chevelle-This Type of Thinking(Could Do Us In) Great White-S/T -Let It Rock Kix-Live Papa Roach-The Connection Scorpions-Savage Amusement -Pure Instinct Slash-Apocalyptic Love Warrant-Ultraphobic
  9. Can't believe Syracuse made the final four.
  10. American Pearl-S/T Ginger Roxx-Caught in the Act Laney's Legion-S/T Steve Miller Band-Wide River Rated X-S/T Ratt-Dancing Undercover Thin Lizzy-Renegade Triple Threat-We Ain't Here To Dance Vandenberg-Alibi The Winery Dogs-S/T
  11. First song that comes to mind is Iron Maiden-The Trooper
  12. ^^^^1 more post and you'll be at 8,000 !
  13. We're celebrating the St.Paddy's Day Parade !
  14. Got these at FYI for $40. Steve Jones-Fire and Gasoline Journey-Evolution Kiss-Rock and Roll Over Korn-Live and Rare Robert Palmer-Essential selection Pink Floyd-The Final Cut Queensryche-Operation Mindcrine II Serj Tankian-Harakiri Trapt-Only Through The Pain Frank ZAPPA/mOTHERS-ahead OF tHEIR tIME
  15. Give it up to the man with over 20,000 CD's !! Happy Birthday !
  16. Thanks,I'm going April 28 in Sch'dy,NY which is close to my home.
  17. Bracket selection will be this Sundayy !
  18. I was lucky enough to see Emerson,Lake and Powell live.Sad day indeed.
  19. ^^^If You Leave is the only one I like.I posted somewhere else on this site that I bought their greatest hits CD and didn't like it.
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