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    Music, Movies, and Kids. I love 60's 70's and 80's era bands. Computers, vid games, and a stimulating conversation about those or most any other topic. :)

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  1. Pugs are Fucking Cute! How the fuck ya'll?
  2. A Poppin in to say "Hi" to my buds! Hope ya'll been well!
  3. My Gush! Awesome pics! Murfle... I said to her. She grabbed my ears and told me not to talk when my mouth was full. WOW!
  4. It Fucking snowed 7 fuckin inches here today. I'm sick of the fucking white shit! We just had two 50 degree days in a row and it was almost fucking gone and then all sudden, Poof! 7 more fucking inches of the fucking crap! Common Spring! Oh yeah and fucking Hello everyone.
  5. You would see it if YOUR on acid or If HE is on acid? Or do shirts like that pop up whenever acid use is happening?
  6. I really like Geoff's new pic, And I have some new shoelaces.
  7. Hey, Merry Fucking Christmas!!!!
  8. I had chicken and chips and a glass of water for dinner. I have definately had better.
  9. I say "Fuck" just cuz I wanna. Thanks
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