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Boneyard or Hairnation?

66 mustang

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Haven't heard Hair Nation yet, so I cannot make a determination....

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Haven't heard Hairnation. Boneyard is hit and miss with me as it seems every third or fourth time I turn it on they are playing something way to heavy for my taste so I flip it off again. XM channel 811 on directv has been getting most of my attention lately.

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BONEYARD!!!! :banger: HairNation plays too many hits, not enough album tracks or obscure bands. Plus, if you ask Logan to play something specific, he does! Although I'm not real happy with him about the Eddie Trunk situation, but oh well... <_<

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I quit satellite radio a long time ago. Both channels played the same stuff over and over. Once and awhile they threw an obscure track out there but mostly it was Ozzy, GnR, AC/DC, Motley Crue, some more Ozzy, maybe Warrant or LA Guns, more Ozzy, etc. etc.


They didnt even do anything fun, for example play audio clips from movies/TV or comedian clips. I could have so much fun with a radio station but not the people who ran these channels.


I would totally play the clip from Leave It To Beaver "Ward dont you think you were a little hard on the Beaver last night?" and lead right into Sportin A Woody by Dangerous Toys. Endless possibilities on satellite radio.


Both channels = boring, IMO.


I went back to my cd's during drive time.

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