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Who Has Been The Best


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At a concert, and to a lesser extent on album,who has been a very good or just adequate stand-in.


Example >>> Midge Ure in Thin Lizzy when Gary Moore went A.W.O.L.

(Very Good) on the Black Rose tour.

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Ill go with Gary Cherone with Van Halen


and John Caroubi with Motley Crue

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Well for a few years DREAMTIDE tried to stand in for FAIR WARNING, but it was kinda like a blind mule standing in for David Beckham on England's right flank...

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Bloody hell this hurt my brain too (not that that is difficult)!!!


I've deleted my comments hopefully before anyone read them as I obviously misread what Wotty wanted!!!


And if you had read them then you would all have thought I was nuts!


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Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer deputising for Ace & Peter.


You are spot on there Doggy. Peter Criss can't play drums for shit yet Eric Singer certainly can. :drink:

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A few years ago I went to see Journey and Def Leppard. Steve Augeri was sick and couldn't play the rest of the tour so Jeff Scott Soto took over and wowed us all.

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Years ago on AC/DC's BLOW UP YOUR VIDEO tour, Malcolm Young temporarily stepped down from the band in order to receive treatment for his drinking problem, and his nephew Stevie Young stood in for him. I saw that tour and in fact I didn't even realize that Malcolm wasn't there till someone at school that Monday asked me how "Stevie" did and I was like "Stevie who?" :rofl:

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