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Best albums of 2024

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Thought I'd get the thread going for 2024....

We're a little past 1/4 of the way.  Honestly, not sure I even have any albums that have grabbed me too much.  I thought Crazy Lixx Two Shots At Glory was okay but that's mostly just a compilation album with on a few new songs.  Also have liked a few songs on Judas Priest....That's probably my favorite album so far I'd guess but I really only like 3-4 tracks. 

Plenty of stuff coming though so things should pick up.  

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King Zebra , Gotus  , Saxon for me so far and the new Alicate disc is pretty decent.

As you've said there are a few still to come(Black Diamonds,Nestor,Remedy,Seb Bach,Kissin Dynamite to name a few I'm waiting for) and another 3/4 of the year to go ;)

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I have bought a few that are decent, but the two that have impressed me most are Mick Mars and Judas Priest.

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Been a really good year for the heavier releases so far…

Judas Priest - Invincible Shield 🛡️ 

Saxon - Hell, Fire & Damnation

Accept - Humanoid

Striker - Ultrapower

Mick Mars - The Other Side of Mars 

Thoroughly enjoying all of those. :banger:

From the lighter side…

Blackberry Smoke - Be Right Here

The End Machine - Quantum Phase 

Oz Hawe Petersson’s Rendezvous - S/T

Seven Year Witch - Vampire Calamity 

Scott Stapp - Higher Power

Kickin’ Valentina just arrived, and King Zebra is on its way; two more that I feel will be very solid releases. :pickle:





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I'm looking forward to hearing the upcoming releases from Riot V, Vain, Nestor, and Kissin Dynamite, to name a few.  I thought the new ones from Honeymoon Suite and The End Machine were solid.  But my favorites so far are Striker, King Zebra, Grand, and Saxon. 

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Really looking forward to a couple of upcoming releases as well. Maverick is sounding promising, and most hyped for The Warning as all singles released from that so far have been top notch. Plus there is the new Rolling Quartz EP on the horizon.


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