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Great song. Erik Mårtensson on backing vocals.

From facebook:

Transatlantic Radio - The New Conquistadors of AOR

At the beginning of the world shutdown in 2020, Los Angeles based Swedish bass player Victor Brodén found himself locked out of his normal touring work, like many other professional “sidemen”, and decided to write some songs. The stylistic choice was obvious, straight-down-the-middle AOR, the musical equivalent of sugary comfort foods to brighten up the uncertain times. Victor had been toying with the idea of writing music in this genre during all his years backing up multi-platinum selling artists like Richard Marx, LeAnn Rimes and Dokken.

Calls were quickly made to guitarist R.J Ronquillo and keyboardist Fred Kron, Brodén’s long-time buddies from the freshman class of 1996 at the music school at the University of Miami. Victor knew these were the musicians needed to make the music what it needed to be. Once Kron and Ronquillo were officially on board, it was obvious the project had to become a real band and Transatlantic Radio was born!

Keyboardist and avid 80’s music connoisseur Fred Kron, is a film and television music composer, who has had his work featured in many shows including Anchorman 2, High School Musical 2 and 90210. He has played with Ringo Starr, Michelle Branch and Joe Bonamassa to name a few. When not composing, Fred can frequently be seen playing keyboards in the house band on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. In addition to playing keyboards with Transatlantic Radio, Fred does extensive sound design, producing and engineering work for the band.

R.J Ronquillo is world-renowned guitarist with acts like Ricky Martin, Stevie Wonder and Stone Sour. R.J has been the host of one of the most followed guitar channels on YouTube for quite a few years. When joining Transatlantic Radio, R.J quickly acquired a vintage 80’s Rockman guitar effects unit to propel Transatlantic Radio straight into “Hysteria”-era AOR territory.

Drum duties for Transatlantic Radio are handled by Australian native Chris Reeve, who started his American career as the drummer for the Rock band Filter. Chris is currently the drummer for Avril Lavigne and Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine.

To enhance the already international feel of the band, Brodén wanted another Swede in the project and enlisted the talents of Mattias Osbäck, a long-time presence on the Rock scene in southern Sweden and also a high-ranking Chief in the Swedish Navy. Osbäck brought his perfect Hard Rock voice and co-writing skills to Transatlantic Radio.



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8 hours ago, Glen said:

pass on those vocals 😒

Really? I find nothing wrong with them.

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  • Stefan changed the title to Transatlantic Radio
17 hours ago, Mr.AOR said:

Love it 2 for 2 for me.


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Don't mind that at all...has that retro yet synth sound to it,not earth shattering but nice,maybe the weakest of the 3? ...7 months since last release though

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On 1/22/2023 at 5:50 PM, lettard said:

Wonder are they releasing an album or simply doing singles?

From FB:

This band emerged in late 2022 and this is their third single from album set to be released next year 2024.

Where many have failed Transatlantic Radio have manage to capture the essence of the 80's without sounding outdated, still fresch and vital into this century.

This song is for fans of Stage Dolls & TNT, great hook with a feelgood vibe.

I for one LOVE this and think you should do as well, I've been humming it since first play a few weeks ago (now that is a good sign eh?).

"Against All The Odds” has more guitars, more background vocals, more modulations and more romance novel AOR than you can shake a stick at, because in the words of the great Yngwie Malmsteen “more is more!!”

Well you be the judge, next week it will hit us like a brick wall.


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