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Halestorm - Back From The Dead

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Gave this album a listen and don't really think I have much desire to listen to it again.

It's heavy which is cool.  But what's missing for me is that it's just not melodic and catchy enough for my tastes.  It's like the chorus of every song is just Lizzy screaming.

It's a shame as Lizzy has a phenomenal voice.  But it's like the rest of the guys in the band can't sing a lick or something.  Why can't they work in some harmonies, backing vocals, bigger choruses, etc.  Or I'm even thinking of a song like I Miss The Misery.  That was a catchy tune with whoa's, oh's and the way it was put together.  I just heard nothing like that on this album. 

For me the first couple albums were great but stuff after that has been very hit and miss for me and this one is mostly a miss.  

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Wow, so disappointing. Was so excited to see this released but any enthusiasm was quashed as the album played. 

As noted, they obviously wanted to make a heavy album, which is cool, but it's come at the expense of all melody and hook. There's just nothing at all to latch onto as the album plays. I don't get it, to be fair. It almost sounds as if they aren't aware that you can be heavy and melodic at the same time... kind of like how they've been in the past. ;) 

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And here we go again, deluxe version coming in Dec with seven extra tracks. No idea if it's physical or digital only, but this is getting to be a joke. Release a new album, then seven months later release it with bonus tracks and expect people to pay again.

I'll wait til it comes out, and download the extra tracks illegally. Fuck this kind of greedy bullshit.

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