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TANGO DOWN new album due October 19th


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via SleazeRoxx:

New Tango Down album coming on October 19th

Exciting news in the Tango Down camp as the group consisting of lead vocalist Chas West (West Bound, Resurrection Kings), guitarist Scott Miller, bassist Axel K. Gessner and drummer Keith Michaels will be releasing a new studio album titled Number 6 via Kivel Records on October 19, 2021.

The following message was posted on Kivel Records‘ Facebook page earlier today:

“People that know us, know they can expect us to sometimes be secretive when working on something. They can also expect surprises and us keeping people on their toes.

Now with that said. Last night we finished something that we started over a year ago. Something that came to a grinding stop thanks to a pandemic. Well this past week all of that changed. We were never out, we were never defeated. We were just delayed.

Nonetheless, we are BACK, and Last night we nailed it.


New Tango Down coming this October!!!!

Scott Chas Axel and Keith still got some gas left in the tank !!”

Tango Down‘s last studio album Bulletproof finished at #2 on the Sleaze Roxx’s Top Ten Albums of 2016 to which Sleaze Roxx stated:

“This is one time where the output actually matched the hype. Prior to hearing Tango Down‘s Bulletproof, I kept reading how great the album was and how it was one of the best records of the year. As it turns out, that is indeed the case. Not many bands could survive having four different lead vocalists when they have only released five albums, let alone thrive under such circumstances, but Tango Down have proven that it is worth making the changes to get it right. I don’t know who recruited lead vocalist Chas West (Lynch Mob, Red Dragon Cartel, Resurrection Kings) into the band. Perhaps it’s the principal (John Kivel) of Tango Down‘s long-time record label Kivel Records or guitarist Scott Miller himself, but whatever the case, it was a great move and the end result is an amazing album that reminds me of the magic that can be heard on Whitesnake‘s self-titled blockbuster album in 1987. Bulletproof is filled with melodies, catchy hooks and stellar harmonies, and is a must have album for 2016. Given the band’s musical carousel history in terms of lead singers, I really hope that we will get at least one more Tango Down album with West handling the lead vocals.”

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Can't wait

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3 hours ago, KarpetRydOFunk said:

Haha. I can, too. 

Lol Can't wait!

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Anyone heard anything about this? according to the earlier reports release date was 19th October,I take it that got pushed back,along with the new Wild America disc due in November?

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3 hours ago, lettard said:

Anyone heard anything about this? according to the earlier reports release date was 19th October,I take it that got pushed back,along with the new Wild America disc due in November?

They ALWAYS do!

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'This Is Gonna Hurt' out August 1st.

From Eonian Records:

Indianapolis, Indiana - The Eonian Record’s Rockshop is super excited to share that our good friends at Kivel Records are releasing the new TANGO DOWN ‘This Is Gonna Hurt’ album due out on August 1st. Pre-Order TODAY, along with the new M!SS CRAZY and HAILMARY releases.

Not even a Pandemic can keep them away from finishing what they started. The events that unfolded over the last two years in the end only delayed them. Matter of fact, TANGO DOWN took the imposed shutdown and used it to their advantage to fine-tune the band's follow-up to ‘Bulletproof’. Making a very good album into a GREAT album.  

Many bands maintain or try to match their previous effort. TANGO DOWN has been blessed with the strangest of luck they manage to outshine each release. Proving their only competition is themselves! Hands down, this is the band's BEST album to date. We challenge any listener to say otherwise. Scott and Company took everything that was the strongest qualities of each release and combined them into one strong album that flows perfectly from beginning to end. A roller coaster ride of rock n roll if there ever was one. An album you can listen to at the gym, in your car, or at the beach. You're going to sink your teeth so deep that THIS IS GONNA HURT!   

TANGO DOWN is back, and folks, it’s gonna hurt!

TANGO DOWN is: Chas West on Lead Vocals, Scott Miller on Guitar, Axel K. Gessner on Bass, and Keith Michaels on Drums

TANGO DOWN ‘This Is Gonna Hurt’ Tracklist:

1. This is Gonna Hurt 2. Fantasy 3. Scream 4. Lying To Myself 5. Nobody Gets Alive 6. Standing Tall 7. Until We Meet Again 8. Forget What You Know 9. Let It Go! 10. Dirty Penny




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Looking forward to this one...but as usual it just keeps gets put back month after month...hopefully it actually sees the August release date?

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This arrived today from Georg over at AOR Heaven...well pleased...really like it...even if the track "This Is Gonna Hurt" (see above ^...sounds like they're gonna burst into rendition of "Take The Dog Off The Chain" by Babylon A.D  :)

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Wow, really surprised at the lack of fanfare around this one... I guess the pushed back release dates put people off? I must admit, I missed this thread and had no idea they'd released a new album. Got my ears on it the other day, though, and it's pretty cool. I can't imagine a fan of the band being disappointed. 

My favourite cuts are the very catchy 'Fantasy' (above), the delicious melodic rocker 'Lyin' to Myself' and the rather magnificent ballad 'Until We Meet Again,' which sadly I can't find on youtube. But it's a great track... better than I expected from this, to be completely honest. 

I think this is a good album, and definitely deserves more attention. Good songs, and a strong 80's style represented. 

My one issue, if I had one, is that I don't love the backing / harmony vocals and it's not the first time. They're okay, but there's just something a little off about them to me. But let that not put you off a good album.  


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