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Rick Beato videos... very interesting... love em!

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Whether you happen to like the song he discusses in this video or not, it is so awesome to see someone reacting to a song in this manner; as a YouTube commenter says, "This is basically watching a man eargasm for 12 minutes" :P 


I enjoy most of the videos he does, and would be interested if any of you have any favorites that he has done...

This is another really good one that may surprise you...

and then more standard vids like this one..


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  • My Little Pony

I've watched one or two, and I agree, he's def a wealth of knowledge. The funny thing is my dad just started watching his stuff, recently, so now I'm always hearing about it from him. 

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The James Bond Chord


@heavyharmonies One of your faves gets a mention around the 5:40 mark. ;) 

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