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Best RATT release and favorite songs

Favorite RATT album and songs  

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This is what I've got so far. I've been listening one by one. 

Ratt EP

Sweet Cheater
You Think You're Tough
U Got It
Tell The World

Out Of The Cellar

Wanted Man
You're In Trouble
Round And Round
In Your Direction
Lack Of Communication
Back For More
The Morning After
Scene Of The Crime

Invasion Of Your Privacy

You're In Love
Never Use Love
Lay It Down
Give It All
Closer To My Heart
Between The Eyes
Got Me On The Line

Dancing Undercover (in progress)

Slip Of The Lip
Body Talk

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I think all their early albums (up to and including Detonator) were great. Such memorable riffs and melodies.  Out of the Cellar gets my vote for best album, slightly edging out Invasion.  Infestation was a good comeback.  Always wish they'd have put out one more album with that lineup.   Favorite song is really hard, so many good ones.  But I selected one from each of those first couple albums with my vote.

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You've put in a lot of time setting this up. Thanks for that mate, but this is one of your hardest one's yet! I know it's a cop out, but I  couldn't possibly pick a favorite album (from the 80s) and most songs for me are memorable.

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Went with Detonator as its the one I would listen to more often,all are pretty good though apart from the self titled for me,loved the Infestation cd...pity they never followed that up...oh and one of my fav tunes by em isn't available for vote..."Nobody Rides For Free"  :)

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You missed Nobody Rides For Free(my fav Ratt song). For the record, Ratt is a top 3 band for me!

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On 2/18/2020 at 2:21 PM, AlphaMale said:

Like Dokken, I am creating a Best Of Ratt collection. They sure were awesome the first couple albums!

Did I miss the Dokken poll?  Another top 3 band for me!

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Lol, I think you put 'Over the edge' instead of 'Nobody Rides For Free.' I voted for it with that intention. 

I had to show real restraint to not pick most their early tunes. Just tried to select the best of the best. Pretty 'Detonator' heavy and that's my album pick too. 'Out of the crllar' next. 

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