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WIG WAM reunion


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In 2005, they brought glam rock extravagance to Eurovision. Now Norwegian band Wig Wam have announced they will be reuniting to play a rock festival next summer. But it’s also got fans wondering if the band will be making a detour via Melodi Grand Prix 2020.


The band confirmed news of their reunion to the Norwegian newspaper VG. The band are reuniting to play at Tons of Rock, a rock and metal festival due to take place in June 2020.

Wig Wam last performed together in 2013, but suddenly broke up midway through a tour. However, the group’s flamboyant frontman Åge Sten Nilsen felt the call of spandex and mascara. He told the newspaper that his Wig Wam stage persona Glam “has applied to rent my body again.”

The band competed at Eurovision 2005, where they placed ninth in the grand final with their extravagant performance of “In My Dreams”.


Åge spoke about the pressures of touring that led to the band’s last split, taking its toll on both physical and mental health. But he is refreshed and ready to embrace the glam rock life once more.

The frontman revealed that “It’s nice to move on with Wig Wam and look back a little, both for us and the fans, and remember the good times. The band is an important chapter in our lives, he says.

The Melodi Grand Prix connection

Åge credits Melodi Grand Prix boss Stig Karlsen for getting the reunion going. The MGP connection has fans wondering if Wig Wam will also be one of the competing acts in Norway’s 2020 national final.

Åge last competed in Melodifestivalen 2017, as part of his other rock band Ammunition. Their loud and hearty song “Wrecking Crew” made it to the Gold Final where it narrowly lost to Jowst’s “Grab the Moment”.

There’s no word from broadcaster NRK of who the acts for MGP 2020 will be. But there will be plenty of room to add Wig Wam to the list.

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of MGP, NRK has expanded the format. The show will involve five semi-finals, each based around acts from different regions of Norway. 25 acts will compete in the show with ten qualifying for the grand final, either through public vote or jury selection.

Stig Karlsen has said that MGP 2020 will focus on quality over quantity. He earlier told escNorge that “Some of the songs submitted are insanely good!”

The first weekly semi-final of Melodi Grand Prix 2020 will take place on 11 January, and will run until the grand final on 15 February 2020.


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I was so happy when I read this!  was a bit late to the party when they were in ESC and all that, but I discovered them later, and they are one of my favorite bands. And it would be great to see them in ESC again. I was a kid in 2005, but I remember seeing them at a theme park for kids. Now, after discovering how great a band they are/were, I wish I could see that show again. My boyfriend, who is a little older, remember them arriving at a gig in a helicopter because they had like three gigs in a day. For a Norwegian band in Norway, that is ridiculous. I doubt they will get that big again, but I would love to see a couple of concerts! I've seen a couple of Åge's solo shows, and his work with Ammunition, but there is something magical about Wig Wam. 

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First two releases were great(667 & Wamania) then they tailed off quite a bit...hoping for a renewal of them first couple...hoping(fingers crossed)

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I got pretty confused reading this thread, but if Wig Wam are actually getting back together to record again, I guess it's okay news? I guess? I'm not sure. They weren't great at the end there and Ammunition are more or less terrible. I'm not sure they'd still have anything good left in the tank, but I'll remain hopeful. 

But yes, at their prime, Wig Wam were magnificent.  

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On 11/27/2019 at 7:12 PM, Geoff said:

I got pretty confused reading this thread, but if Wig Wam are actually getting back together to record again, I guess it's okay news? I guess? I'm not sure. They weren't great at the end there and Ammunition are more or less terrible. I'm not sure they'd still have anything good left in the tank, but I'll remain hopeful. 

But yes, at their prime, Wig Wam were magnificent.  

what he said....for once

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