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  1. The one in the bottom middle seems to be Divine Rite. https://www.discogs.com/Divine-Rite-First-Rite/release/4230697 (check the backside of the album cover)
  2. This commercial is one of the best videos ever to be found on youtube. Cinderella is my favorite band, and sometimes, I just need to watch this to go on with my life, haha.
  3. So its out now, what do you think about it? People seem to be really split about it - I feel like you either dig it or hate it. But I've read and discussed it mostly with fellow Norwegians, and we might have a little different relationship to this band than everyone else. A little stronger, perhaps. Haha. I really like it. The first single released was horrible, but lots of the other stuff is great. I like the light vibe most of the songs got, it makes it perfect for summer. I also think that this is an album that will grow on you, when you understand that a new TNT-album released won't neccesarily sound like Tell no Tales or Intuition. I also really like their new singer, and I hope they'll stick with him for a while!
  4. sheila

    Ghost - Rats

    I've never listened to them until I heard this song, and I actually like it. Not what I imagined they should sound like at all. So I tried to check them out a bit, but they are confusing the hell out of me. How many personalities does the singer have? He's been four popes and now he is a cardinal?
  5. Thank you! Yeah, they're a great live-band. Too bad you won't be able to see them its their first time in Australia, isn't it?
  6. I'm super exited about this album. HCSS has been through so many musical styles, and most of them are cool, but I definitely like them better when they sound like this. I haven't really liked any of their albums (some good songs here and there, but thats it) since Split Your Lip, but these new songs sounds like the HCSS I love. I really hope they'll go on a big tour for this album, all the times I've seen them live has been true chaos.
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