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Pale Waves - My Mind Makes Noises


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I may never embrace her gothic or zombie look or whatever she's trying to portray lol.

But their songs - hell yes!! Well, most of them at least. A very good 80s new wave band. 

Love this song. Simple chord progression but that chorus is an earworm.  Its stuck on loop in my head.



Other good ones :





images (3).jpeg

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Argh! On one hand I love that the forum brings stuff like this to my ears, but on the other hand I hate knowing stuff like this is out there and I'd not ever know about it, if not for this chance thread. 

Absolutely love what I'm hearing there. I'm going to check this one out with intense immediacy. 

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17 minutes ago, lettard said:

Remind a bit of the band Sleeper from years ago and a bit of Cranberries thrown in.not my cuppa tea but I can see where some may like this.

I don't think I have ever heard of Sleeper before. Will check them out.

The Cranberries?.. Hmmm no, I don't agree. Pale Waves has that synthwave feel, and a bit of pop rock sound to their songs as opposed to The Cranberries which sound like a mixture of alternative and folk rock imo.

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Anybody out there loving the new album? So good.

Pale Waves     -    Unwanted

1    .    Lies
2    .    Unwanted
3    .    The Hard Way
4    .    Jealousy
5    .    Alone
6    .    Clean
7    .    Without You
8    .    Only Problem
9    .    You're So Vain
10    .    Reasons To Live
11    .    Numb
12    .    Act My Age
13    .    So Sick (Of Missing You)





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I got their first 2 albums and really liked them, especially 'Who Am I'. The new one is really great too. 'Jealousy' is especially good.  As mentioned, fairly straightforward musically, but some really great, hooky, choruses. Am waiting for CD the new to arrive, hopefully this week, 

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