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The Ferrymen - A New Evil

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From Frontiers:

Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of The Ferrymen's sophomore album entitled “A New Evil”! 

The Ferrymen released their debut album in June 2017 and took fans of the European melodic metal sound by surprise as they seemingly came out of nowhere. With songwriting and fretwork handled by ace Swedish guitarist Magnus Karlsson (Primal Fear, Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall), the awesome vocals of singer Ronnie Romero (Rainbow, CoreLeoni), and drummer Mike Terrana (Axel Rudi Pell, Tarja, Rage) bringing the heavy metal thunder, the band quickly found their home in the hearts of fans of the classic DIO sound combined with heavier, updated songwriting textures and arrangements. 

Musically, fans can expect in "A New Evil" a very heavy, melodic metal album fusing the songwriting and epic structures of the widely praised ALLEN/LANDE records (guitarist Magnus Karlsson was the main architect of the first three critically acclaimed releases) with the powerful vocal approach of Romero (let's not forget that Romero was hand-picked by legendary Deep Purple and Rainbow guitarist Ritchie Blackmore to be the lead vocalist for Rainbow's recent reunion shows). True heavy metal fans are of course quite familiar with the well regarded Terrana and what his drumming skill set brings to the table on a heavy metal album of this nature. And what metal album would be complete without some stunning artwork? Renowned artist Stan W. Decker's album cover rounds out this colossal heavy metal offering.

""A New Evil" is a bit heavier and more progressive,” says Magnus Karlsson. "I’m always learning and try to improve my songs and productions each time out. Working with Ronnie and Mike is a such a great experience. I can concentrate on the writing and whatever I will come up with I know they will nail it! This time Jacob Hansen (Pretty Maids, Volbeat, etc.) did the mix and it works really well with the heavy style."

“I think it's a great album and people are gonna love it as they did with the first one,” adds Romero. “Everybody knows Magnus' skills to write great music, so it’s really easy to like every song on the album. This time was maybe even easier to work together because is the second album and we know each other better, he knew how to get my best performances, so I’m very proud about my work and grateful to have Magnus working side by side with me.”

"I have a few favorites like 'Don’t Stand In My Way', 'Bring Me Home', And 'A New Evil'. But a very special song for me is 'No Matter How Hard We Fall'. When you hear Ronnie in that chorus you will get goosebumps,” continues Magnus. Ronnie’s favorite is “'Bring Me Home', but I’m really looking forward to when people can hear the whole album because I'm sure they are gonna love every second of music on it!” 

"A New Evil" will be a shot of adrenaline for all lovers of melodic metal!

1. Don’t Stand In My Way
2. Bring Me Home
3. A New Evil
4. The Night People Rise
5. Save Your Prayers
6. Heartbeat
7. Your Own Hero
8. No Matter How Hard We Fall
9. My Dearest Fear
10. You Against The World
11. All We Got

Ronnie Romero – Vocals 
Magnus Karlsson - Guitars, Bass & Keyboards
Mike Terrana – Drums 






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New video for 'No Matter How Hard We Fall'.



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Not earth-shattering as far as innovation, but the album is very solid musically. A good listen.

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19 hours ago, heavyharmonies said:

Not earth-shattering as far as innovation, but the album is very solid musically. A good listen.

Yep, pretty much agree completely. It's 100%, to each exact lyric, melody and note, what you'd expect to hear before you spin it - but it's solid stuff. Just don't expect anything you're not expecting when you spin it. ;)

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And they don't even bother to cover the Chris De Burgh hit "Don't Pay The Ferryman".

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On 10/20/2019 at 7:25 AM, martinsane said:

And they don't even bother to cover the Chris De Burgh hit "Don't Pay The Ferryman".

Just as well as they could never better the version by Domain. 

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