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The LRW Project - To Love, Repeat & Wonder


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Listened to the entire album in my car twice. It's very consistent and melodic. Not a single dud track in my opinion. What I like about the album is you can listen to the entire album without skipping a track. There are no 10/10 songs but all songs are very nice. Loved it.

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So what the frig do we have here? Don't really know anything about this but I heard it yesterday and then again today and I have to say, after saying First Signal is the stand out of the year so far, this one instantly gives it a good nudge. Time will tell, but I kinda love this album. So unexpected and an almost kind of unique sound, as far as you can be unique within our genre. 

But man, what a stellar collection of songs. As said above, not a dud in sight and just a heap of beautifully constructed tunes with killer hooks. Super impressive album for something I didn't and still don't really know much about at all. 

But it's really good stuff.

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Been listening to this constantly for over a week and still loving it, this is an absolutely stellar collection of  superb songs . AOR by numbers this is not and i feel some here will not like it. As for the vocals they don't sound muffled in the slightest to me, love his tone and style. I know we're only at the tail end of May but this is probably the best album i have heard this year and will easily finish in the top 5 of the year, Love It!!!

Oh and BTW Andrew should know this guy as i think this is the Leon Winteringham that posted on the MR.com noticeboard.


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From facebook:

// U P D A T E //

Hello one and all, thank you all for being so patient with me... You'll all be glad to hear that Album 2 is recorded and I'll be back in at Innersound Audio Recording Studio's in April to finish the mix/master \m/

I've decided to lower (and keep) my Debut CD's at £6 on my Website and eBay for the foreseeable. So pick one up if you haven't already 1f642.png:) (all proceeds go straight back into Album 2!)

I'm not prepared to give any other details just yet on the new Album in fear of jinxing anything... But trust me... It will be worth the wait 1f609.png;)

Leon - The LRW Project x

Website Store...

eBay Store...



Nice tune from the debut.


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1 hour ago, Mafisen said:

I'm sorry, but this is elevator music to me. 

THE BEST elevator music you will ever experience lol. And that says a lot, putting a smile on someone's face.

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