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Temple Balls - Untamed


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From FB:


Temple Balls' long anticipated 2nd album 'Untamed' will be released in Finland on March 8th via Ranka Kustannus and Ward Records in Japan. The album is produced by Jona Tee (H.E.A.T), engineered by Pasi Kauppinen (Sonata Arctica) and mixed by Tobias Lindell.
Album artwork by Jan ‘Örkki’ Yrlund / Darkgrove.



1. Infinity
2. Kill the Voice
3. Distorted Emotions
4. Pauline
5. Ball and Chain
6. Leap of Faith
7. Hoist the Colours
8. Seven Seas of Wonder
9. Badlands
10. The End

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I can only hear the first clip above as second is not available, but this actually sounds pretty cool. Kind of like HCS mixed with Cruel Intentions. Not bad. 

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  • 4 weeks later...

Was lukewarm on the first album but interested enough to preoreder Untamed...from what Ive heard thus far its better,production is great and to my ears its a Monster!!!!  :)

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Doesn't seem to be much love for this one? which is sad as its a great cd,if you liked the last Shiraz Lane and such like then this wont disappoint...my fav tune from it below  :)



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Didn't mind the debut but yeah I know what you mean,this is sooooo much better,the production adds real meat to the bones on this one,a real step in the right direction :) 

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I gotta say I had paid zero attention to these guys for whatever reason...maybe the name lol.

But after seeing they were touring with Shiraz Lane and their new album was produced by Jona Tee, I thought I'd give them a listen.

I've been in a kinda rough mood toward releases so far this year as not much besides H.e.a.t has really peaked my interest this year.  I don't know why....Maybe just looking for something a little different.  This has peaked my interest though....Sampled most of it on You Tube and liked just about everything I heard.  Shiraz seems like a decent comparison....Or maybe Shiraz Lane and Kissin' Dynamite tossed in a blender.  I'm digging the production elements though....Hooks, backing/gang vocals, etc.  But still heavier and has some balls! (no pun intended lol).  

Anyways, think I might pick this one up and dive into it.



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Finally got this album and have spent some time with it and I was yearning for something new to listen to.  And damn, really digging it!  I'm not sure how I missed these guys but this album would've definitely been in my top 10 in 2019 if I had bought it then.  I might just toss it into my 2020 top 10.

After listening, I've settled that it really mostly reminds me of Kissin' Dynamite combined with H.e.a.t.  The album was produced by Jona Tee and liner notes also say Dave Dalone and Jona both lended a hand with keys, songwriting, backing vocals, etc.   

I know these guys have also signed with Frontiers and are shooting for their next release in 2021 so I'm sure we'll hear a bit more about them in the future.

I'd just say it's well worth checking out if you liked the Ecstasy album from Kissin' Dynamite as this reminds me quite a bit of that.  It's not quite as strong as that album but similar vibe/style IMO.  

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Temple Balls....really? That was the winning  name. 

Temple Dome

Temple Spheres

Temple Moons

all sound just a bit better. 

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