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Steel Panther


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Just grabbed tickets to see Steel Panther in Belfast On January 19th 2018,really looking forward to it,didnt think that they would ever come here but happy days,they are.

Support from Wayward Sons and another local as yet unnamed band...I'm hoping For Maverick...fingers crossed,you never know although they play the Limelight quite often in their own right :)

I'll be at Y&T this day next week in the same venue.

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I was gonna give the London date a miss as I have seen them so many times now, I am starting to hear the same jokes over and over.

The only thing that is making me reconsider is the fact Wayward Sons are supporting.

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10 minutes ago, Captain Howdy said:

I am starting to hear the same jokes over and over.

Just compare to Twisted Sister.
Saw them in 1985, and then again in 2003.


Embarrassingly so.

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  • 2 months later...

Was at this last night,cracking gig,Wayward Sons sounded very good even though I wouldn't be a fan of their album.

Steel Panther were excellent,top class show,really fun and sounded great also,didnt think they would have believed that 400 Belfast fans could be so loud...they now do :) I'd just love to thank em for an Amazing night out :drink:

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  • 4 weeks later...

What a disappointment last Friday, the band was good as always but it didn't translate at all because of the bad mix. Not sure if they passed a new law in Switzerland recently as Airbourne in November was also QUIET which sucked! If you don't even feel the drums and it sounds as if you're watching a DVD on a big screen then what's the point of going to a rock show? That's how bad the sound was.

Again, not the band's fault but I still have some criticism: they opened with ''Eyes of a Panther'' which I really don't care for, never have. Also I was wondering before what song they would open the show with, for example other bands such as Santa Cruz each time they release a new record they have a new opener which fits perfectly. With the debut it was ''Relentless Renegades'', then on the tour for the self titled album they opened with ''Bonafide Heroes'' and currently the opener is ''Young Blood Rising''.

But I feel Steel Panther never topped ''Supersonic Sex Machine'' which I wished they had played as the opener, the two most recent albums don't feature any opener material in my opinion. Maybe ''Pussywhipped'' but that's it, so yeah... disappointed they went with ''Eyes of a Panther''

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Not the best song they ever recorded, but maybe 'Anything goes' would be a decent opener? That said, 'Eyes of a panther' is a far better individual song than that. ;)

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No doubt they have a great live show, that in and will be enduring.

I've been fairly critical of them, and still am to a degree.
But recently I've given All You Can Eat a second try with better results.

I think enough time has gone by for me to be ready for some of the smutty songs again - at least one albums worth.

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20 hours ago, Glen said:

they should open with Death to all......still one of their best songs 

I was going to say that and it's my first thought, but in the world of live music isn't that a given for an encore tune? 

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12 hours ago, Geoff said:

I was going to say that and it's my first thought, but in the world of live music isn't that a given for an encore tune? 


my encore would be Tiger Woods followed by Gold Digging Whore and Asian Hooker 

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    • Probably the wisest thing said on this thread.  Realistically, we're all in this position. 
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