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Vandenberg's MoonKings - MK II


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From their website:

Adrian Vandenberg returns with his MoonKings for album nr 2!


Four years after Adrian Vandenberg made a spectacular comeback with Vandenberg’s Moonkings the band returns with a sophomore album, simply titled MK II. The album has all the qualities of the debut: once again the four-piece band manages to create a perfect mix of vintage seventies hard rock and current styles of heavy rock. Adrian Vandenberg shines as a bonafide guitar virtuoso, while the rest of the band also delivers in spades. Yet MK II has even more to offer than the highly praised first album. It shows how the band grew into a strong unit during the world tours of the recent years.

‘The last few years have been very important indeed’, confirms Adrian Vandenberg, who previously gained world fame as the guitarist and songwriter of Vandenberg and Whitesnake. ‘We just got to know each other when we recorded out debut album. I think we all exceeded each other’s expectations. But you really get to know each other while on the road. It was then that I really became impressed by the abundance of energy that this band has. We tried to capture this on our new album. At the same time, we all grew individually. I am really amazed by the way Jan Hoving has grown even more in his role as a singer and as a front man. I’ve played with the best bass players and drummers in my extensive career, but with all respect I dare to say that Sem Christoffel and drummer Mart Nijen Es form the best rhythm section I ever had the pleasure of working with.


“Angel In Black”
“The Fire”
“Walk Away”
“All Or Nothing”
“What Doesn’t Kill You”
“Ready For The Taking”
“New Day”

"Hard Day"
“Love Runs Out”
“If You Can’t Handle The Heat”


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3 hours ago, Jez said:

Not much mention of this one. A notch or 2 up from the debut and an absolute stellar album. 

So much to listen to at the moment I've not made it to this one yet but good to see it's well received. I really liked the first one. 

Is it really 4 years! 

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8 hours ago, Glen said:

love this song. 

Ditto... excellent song from my favorite CD of 2017!


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