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Theory of a Deadman - Wake Up Call

Mr. M

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01. Straight Jacket
02. Rx
03. Echoes
04. Wake Up Call
05. PCH
06. G.O.A.T.
07. Loner
08. Time Machine
09. Glass Jaw
10. Po Mouth
11. Wicked Game

First Single:



Out October 27

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Pass! On this song anyway.

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These guys have some pretty awful stuff out there. 'The truth is...' from 2011 is an abomination. I'm really not sure how to approach them, but based on that song I'd say it is with heavy, heavy caution. Awful.

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New single:



Oh boy


It will be produced by Martin Terefe, who has also produced albums for artists, including Jason Mraz, Mary J. Blige and Train; all was recorded in London.


Sad. Scars & Souvenirs is a great album


Edit: I guess they changed their name to "THEORY"

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Theory of a Deadman are dead and buried. They should've dropped Theory and kept the name Deadman.


Haha, I agree. But okay, I have to be honest. I actually don't mind the 'Echoes' song. It's better than anything I've heard from these guys for a few albums, to be honest. Not amazing, but I kinda dig it.

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Its as if they or their handlers said "hey have listened to these new bands Imagination Dragons and the like? You should do that!"


The new stuff or the last 2 tunes anyway are fine for what they are trying to rip but they do nada for me and I would muc h rather hear more songs like Lowlife.

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