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Affäire - Neon Gods EP


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From FB:

Unlike what the 1990’s music trends and industry dictatorship tried to establish, Rock n Roll doesn’t have to be self-pitiful, innocent and pale.

In late 2011, the debut single “Born Too Late” was released in 7” vinyl format, limited to 300 handnumbered copies.

After some live appearances – including shows as opening act for Paul Di Anno (UK) and House Of Lords (USA) - in March 2013 "Highway Affair" is released as band's new single and first official video.

Four restless characters driven from 70’s Punk Rock street decadence, fuelled by NWOBHM rush, finally crashing on the Sunset Strip glamour & sleaziness!

AFFÄIRE was born too late and proudly raises their middle-fingers to the music trends and to whatever the next-big-thing is. No ‘nu’! No ‘alternative’! No shame!

The band’s debut full-length "At First Sight"
was released worldwide by US label Demon Doll Records in September 2015.

AFFÄIRE are currently in studio recording the follow-up "Neon Gods", with a release expected for the first half of 2017.






Neon Gods
All Messed Up
Shotgun Marriage
The Hitcher
I Saw Her Standing There



Buy it (and listen to the whole EP) here: https://ragingplanet.bandcamp.com/album/aff-ire-neon-gods




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Really bad vocals, but kinda okay song, I guess (the first one). Not sure I'll check it out...

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new album


01. Paradise Cafe
02. Girls Nite Out
03. Southbay Blues
04. Nasty but True
05. Wild Romance
06. Sidewalk to a Red Light
07. Unsung Heroes (2 Good 4 Hollywood)
08. Breaking Point
09. Japanese Teaze '89

D.D. Mike (vocals)
Rick Rivotti (guitar, backing vocals)
Tawny Rawk (bass, backing vocals)
J.P. Costanza (drums, backing vocals)

Pre Order:

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