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Hurts are a Synthpop duo from Manchester, England. I've been listening to these guys since... well, I think since their inception in 2009. They're definitely melancholic, as their name suggests, which is something I've always been drawn to. A lot of great tunes in their three album catalogue. I'm sure someone apart from Jez and I will enjoy these guys.


Starting with their debut, Happiness, released in 2010.









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These guys are pretty cool. I recall hearing Wonderful Life a few years back and thinking it was a song from the '80's. While I tossed around different band names that I thought it sounded like, from that era, my friend just laughed and told me it was a new band (at that time). I've never picked any of their cds up, but I may have to check out more from them, good stuff.

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I'm not convinced, but I may endeavour to check them out a little bit more.

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Good pick Karpet ma boy...some excellent tunes on those albums. New one out soon I believe

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