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Trailer Park Vampire - S/T 2016 debut release


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Okay, if you can get passed the gimmick, and a name that leaves a bit to be desired, there is some nice, crunchy hard rock on the 2016 debut from TPV. Like Dokken, Van Halen and Kiss were thrown into a blender... some nice guitar work here! \m/





You can currently pick up the CD on eBay for $5 (or less) and free shipping here in the U.S.






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They could dress up as Sesame Street characters for all i care, as long as they sound good.... and that sounds good.


Although, they are pushing it a little bit.

I guess when you're old and ugly your best option is to wear an outrageous costume and make up.


I wouldn't know of course.

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Oh my Geoffrey and company will have a field day with bashing these poor guys. Of course the schtick is as as cheesy as the lyrics but whatever, it's harmless and agreed the solo and production is certainly Tooth And Nail sounding.




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Not a fan. Since we are comparing them to Dokken, Don has a much better voice than the lead singer here.


I can hear the comparison to Tooth and Nail as I'm listening to it right now but that's about it



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If I close my eyes and listen to that first song it sounds really very cool. But FFS, get rid of the vampire outfits and top hats! They have potential to be excellent if not for the gimmicks.

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I looked away as soon as that video started and just listened to the music. Seriously, if you want to make yourself look like an absolute fucking idiot c*nt and make a music video featuring yourself looking like an absolutely fucking idiot c*nt, it's your choice. But I wish to christ you wouldn't.


Anyway, the music. It's okay, but kinda b-grade, like their image. I can hear Dokken, mostly in the solo. Obviously nowhere near the quality of Lynch, but clearly trying to replicate him. Yeah, it's okay but I just think it's pretty average to be honest.

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