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Opeth - Sorceress

Dead Planet

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Heh... sounds nothing at all like the death metal band Opeth started as.


Actually, Mikael Akerfeldt has decided to drop the growling since 2011. To this date, they incorporated lots of classic prog influences but I can hear some aggressive elements in this album, somehow it's still 'metal' but softer than the old style.

Although in 2003, they do have an album called 'Damnation' which is an acoustic album without growl


I think the previous is slightly better than this one but this one is a bit more experimental, I can understand why many people hail it. I still like it, pretty good stuff by them.

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It just sounds weird, like they've deliberately tried to go for a unique sound when changing their style.


I can understand him wanting to ditch the growls if he was finding it too difficult, but a continuation of their old style minus the growls could have worked. The heavy parts could have been the instrumental passages, with the clean singing in the lighter moments. Unless he was simply fed up with all of it, and needed to change direction completely...

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