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ME AND THE REST - 7 Deadly Sins (2016)


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To be released tomorrow March 11th, "7 Deadly Sins", the new album by Swiss hard rockers ME AND THE REST is my first approach to the band. However, the group has been active in central Europe for more than 20 years, with several recordings under their belt and more than 400 gigs, some of them supporting the likes of Krokus, Don Dokken, Rhino Bucket, Doro, etc.


Since first track 'Holy Angels', Me And The Rest make honor to their homeland watch precision but in this case applied to traditional Hard Rock.


Me And The Rest sound unmistakable German / Swiss, with all the vibe from this particular place in Earth when we speak about Rock: tight, precise, clean Hard Rock with an '80s foundation. Some kind of mix between Krokus / Bonfire / Victory yet always very, very melodic, and why not, catchy.


Tracks like 'Take It or Leave It' will remind you Accept's more accessible side, while 'Temples of Gold' Mat Sinner's own band Sinner, but Me And The Rest never turn things too heavy.


Take as example midtempo 'Echoes of the Past', in fact a melodic hard rocker with some Gotthard on it.




The above influences pretty much paint Me And The Rest's sound, and they are very good musicians, and the best of all, compose strong hard rock songs.


Pumping bass lines (handled by female Edel Murchie), twin guitar riffs (always sharp and tight), dynamic beat drums and really fine vocals by Jürg Theiler-Scotch (who always wears kilt). He indeed feels Scottish-born as his English is excellent.


'Burning Bridges' is another highlight, a true German melodic hard rock track where Bonfire comes to mind, and perhaps Mat Sinner's other band Casanova.


'Better Oldschool' makes justice to its title as it's a rocker inspired by classic AC/DC / Krokus, while title track '7 Deadly Sins' to my ears even sounds like some recent Treat works.




Me And The Rest have nothing to envy to major acts from the current hard rock scene, as "7 Deadly Sins" is more than a solid record with strong compositions and first class production. Not strange, as the man behind the desk is talented Rolf Munkes (Tony Martin, Empire).


A really nice surprise - Highly Recommended


01 - Holy Angels
02 - Take It or Leave It
03 - Temples of Gold
04 - Echoes of the Past
05 - Burning Bridges
06 - Better Oldschool
07 - 7 Deadly Sins
08 - City of Hope
09 - When the West Winds Blow
10 - Hell or High Water
11 - Long Way to Sweden
12 - World on Fire


Jürg Theiler-Scotch - Vocals
Edel Murchie - Bass
Jürg Götz - Guitar
Antonio Schiavano - Guitar
Jan Moser - Drums




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"Mat Sinner's other band Casanova." Really? Who wrote that bio??


Yeah the album art and the photo of a bunch of really old ugly dudes with some young girls with loose morales really gives an opposite impression of the music you're about to hear. I assume this is a ballad on an otherwise hard rock album, 'cause I sure as hell don't hear any "Bonfire, Victory or Krokus" in this tune. It's okay, but very mellow. Nice enough song.

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