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Airless - Make It Right EP


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New singer, new sound.

From FB:

New Airless theme and EP preview: Hey Money
Airless are back. The next 15th January will be realased "Make it right" an EP from their new era.
Four new songs. You will be surprised!

Toni Amboaje (vocals)
Miguel Manjon (Bass)
Pako Martinez (Drums)
Robert Rodrigo (Guitar)






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Still going, hey? I remember having it in my head that '2nd Round' was a really great album. I still like it, but rating it after all these years was a bit of a reality check. And this song doesn't sound like much chop either. A band I'd still check out, but I definitely won't be expecting much at all from this.

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For me they are White Lion Wannabes, and the guitarist is in the vein of Vito Bratta, and he actually does really well getting some great sounds out.

Autumn Leaves was a good song

Brief Love was better, but the production let it down for me.


Generally new singer = new band, with a few exceptions, but it applies here.

That song did little for me :(

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Love the guitar sound of this band. Very Masquerade S/T, songs nowhere near as good but a great vibe and energy throughout! Hope they can take it to another level!

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Oh... my... friggin'... christ. It is a new vocalist. Holy shit... I listened to that sample and didn't for a second notice it was a new dude. Am I tripping, or is the new guy the old guy's identical twin? New singer = new band? In this case I think new singer = exact same band as they were before. Honestly, cannot hear anything different here at all.


As for the guitar/Masquerade comparison, that's what originally drew me to this band. Hard to sit the two bands (Airless/Masquerade) side by side though. But yeah, he can play guitar.

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Pretty decent song, but these guys don't seem to be advancing in terms of ability/song writing or production. :(

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