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Stiff (Lillian Axe) - Talk Dirty To Me


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Pre-Lillian Axe... "Talk Dirty" is one of about ten songs someone posted from a live gig in Iowa back in 1987. Must have been just prior to getting their deal with MCA.


And speaking of MCA Records... other than Night Ranger, did they put any money into any other hard rock band back in the day? They had SO many great artists signed to that label, and they pretty much all flopped. Lillian Axe would have been much better off had they been on Atlantic or PolyGram.

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Well this is creepy. I've just spent today listening to the Lillian Axe discography and was going to bring a few things to the table on the forum tonight. I was reading through wikipedia and was wondering about Stiff... To be exact, from what I read, this was the band that Ron Taylor and Jon Ster were in before they joined the other three guys already in Lillian Axe at the time.


But I also couldn't get my head around the whole MCA thing and being dropped after an album like 'Love & War.' It almost defies belief when you consider so many of the other bands who were able to hold onto major label deals through that whole era. If it was 1992-1993, I'd have understood... but it was 1989!! I know business is business and if a band's not making money for you then you can't hold onto them forever, but you could only possibly ever imagine that it was largely the label's fault that they weren't making money for them. And that it was their inability to push a band like Lillian Axe in the era where they were at their prime that was the biggest crime.


For me it's one of the real mysteries of the era; how Lillian Axe weren't bigger than they were.


Also, do I remember they were called Ratt copycats? Or was that just the Crosby connection with the production on the debut? Because otherwise I just don't hear Ratt in them at all.

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Loved the Pre-Lillian "Stiff" stuff.....and I LOVE Lillian Axe.....well, their last couple of albums are too dreary and downtuned, but the Ron Taylor stuff is superb!!! "The Day that I Met You" might be their best song and it's in my top 100 songs of all time, for sure.

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