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Heavy Sky


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Some super nice sounding and pleasantly polished Turkish hard rock. This should appeal to a vast audience on HH.










"Unbreakable" from 2014



And a Bad Company cover for live studio/radio:




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They have a nice sound, musically, but I'm just not into those vocals at all. Shame, as it's pretty decent stuff. Well, that first tune is anyway...

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I quite liked "Unbreakable", it was enjoyable and the instrumentation was good.

Didn't like the vocal parts in the mid-range that sounded processed, but the higher range bridge and chorus was OK once I got used to it.

"Broken" was pretty good as well.

I could probably quite enjoy an album, as I've got used to plenty of stuff in the past with slightly accented vocals (e.g. European prog metal), and it's in the higher range which like... He certainly looks like he's putting in the effort and not holding back. It's definitely got life and energy to it.

Yeah, I thought they were good...

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