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Is this seat at The Rainbow taken?

Guest theczar

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Guest theczar

Ladies & Gentlemen, thank you for your hospitality - I am a forty-one year old English chap with a love of scintillating stadium/hard rock, along with a few esoteric musical choices.


I believe my first album was the orchestral score to Star Wars, my first single Paul McCartney's Frog Chorus.

As a teen I moved onto tapes - Miami Vice I & II, followed by Phil Collins No Jacket Required and Genesis Invisible Touch.


But it was at fourteen that I made a trio of purchases that set my musical compass for life: Leppard's Pyromania, Dokken's Back for The Attack, and, the much maligned but still thrilling to these ears - Turbo by Judas Priest.


A by no means comprehensive list of my favourite artists (along with all important "eras");



Dokken (80's - though Lighting Strikes Again from 2008 was a delightful surprise)


Giant (why deprive us Dann?)


FM (the UK's finest)


Mark/Marcie Fee (Unruly Child, Long Way From Love)


Richie Kotzen (inc. Wilson Hawk, Winery Dogs, the sole Poison album ... but not Mr Big)


Ratt (particularly Invasion...)


Gotthard (Lipservice is their high-point)


Heaven & Earth (can't wait for the follow-up to Dig)


H.E.A.T., Brother Firetribe, Reckless Love, Pretty Wild (the "new" breed - amen for the Scandinavians!)


ZZ Top ( esp. Eliminator/Afterburner/Recycler)


Judas Priest (80's)


Whitesnake (up until and including Slide It In... though Still Of The Night is epic: the Aldrich stuff is a bludgeoning disappointment)


The Cult


Loads of obscure stuff: Diving For Pearls, WWIII, Gun, Tangier, Icon, Skin (UK band), etc.


And a left-field choice, but certainly the most electrifying live experience I've ever had (and I've seen them nine times!) along with a shifting but always unique sound - Killing Joke


I've been a contributor to Classic Rock Presents AOR magazine for the past five issues (including album buyer's guides on Dokken & Richie Kotzen), but unfortunately it's irregularly published and I have no idea when (if?) it's still a going concern.

I also write about 70's/80's cars too.


Anyway, I look forward exchanging molodic pleasantries with you!








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Welcome and greetings from the land of the midnight sun and wimpy AOR!


Best regards, Thomas

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Guest MalcolmTucker

Welcome theczar! I don't listen much to Judas Priest lately, but I always thought that Turbo must be one of their four best albums (probably the best after Defenders of the Faith and Killing Machine).

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