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Dan Reed - Transmission


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New album out March 27th.


From melodicrock.com:


Dan Reed, formerly of 'Dan Reed Network', (DRN) will soon be releasing his third solo album entitled ‘Transmission’. This collection of songs was composed and recorded in Prague and takes on a more live feel and energy than his previous two studio releases ‘Signal Fire’ and ‘Coming Up for Air’. Reed has always had a passion for groups like ‘Bad Company’, ‘Pink Floyd’, and ‘Fleetwood Mac’ and ‘Transmission’ takes it’s aim at realising this type of in your face, honest rock production. Besides tackling all the vocals, Dan performed all the guitar and keyboard work, performing live in the studio beside famed drummer Robert Ikiz from Turkey and bassist Bengan Jonasson from Sweden.
This collection of songs primarily takes a look at the dark side of the human condition and tries to make sense of trying to find light in the midst of the chaos. This will be Dan’s second album financed through Pledge Music through those who support his music and reached 100 percent of it's goal in less than 2 weeks from launching the campaign.
Reed’s second solo CD, 'Signal Fire’ released in early 2013, was a collection of thought provoking tracks, co-produced by Reed and Rob Daiker (Meredith Brooks/Katy Perry/Fame Riot). Signal Fire represented a step toward a more edgier sound than his 2010 solo effort 'Coming Up for Air', yet still held on to the intention of finding hope in a world riddled with great hypocrisy and great hope.
While 'Coming Up for Air' was composed in Jerusalem and Northern India during 2007/2008 and represented Reed's quest for insight on religious conflicts and making peace with inner demons, 'Signal Fire' took a more pointed look at the world's political/social/environmental conflicts. With ‘Transmission’ Dan decided to leave political statements somewhat behind and focus more on the conflict within the human heart and soul.
Dan also released a solo acoustic album entitled ‘In Between the Noise’ in 2014, as well as a DRN compilation 2 disc set called ‘Anthology’ which covered both previously released DRN songs, along with 4 new live tracks from the Network’s recent reunion shows and unreleased B-Sides. 'Anthology was also funded through Pledge Music and their fans.
Dan Reed Network was signed to Polygram in 1988 by Derek Shulman, famed A+R man who signed ‘Bon Jovi’. Managed by Bill Graham and Q-Prime later, DRN played opening act on European tours for Bon Jovi, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie and Midnight Oil, and performed in America with Run DMC and toured with UB40. Selling nearly 2 million albums worldwide, DRN was part of the funk rock movement and released three albums with Polygram between 1989 and 1992. ‘Transmission’ stands as a good example of where Dan can take the groove in these times, both musically and lyrically.
Reed took a long hiatus from the music business in early 2003 and spent 4 years in Northern India and Jerusalem, living in a Tibetan Monastery and studying religions while in the Middle East. Coming back to music in 2009 he now performs extensively throughout Europe and the United States, both with his solo band and DRN and has in recent years performed at the ‘Sweden Rock Festival’ and England’s ‘Download Festival’ twice.
With ‘Transmission’ Dan hopes that getting back to the roots of live performance is a positive direction in a world addicted to canned music, drum machines and auto-tuned vocals.
"I just felt it was time to get back to something that feels real, organic, and in tune with the human condition." - Reed












Broken Soul
Roll the Dice
Anywhere But Here
Bending the Light
Arm Yourself
Fire in the Pyramid
You’re All I Need
On the Metro
Ear to the Track
What Dreams May Come
Already There
She’s Not You



Samples (melodicrock.com): http://melodicrock.com/articles/showcase/2015/03/13/dan-reed-transmission-showcase

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I've had this one through Pledge for over a month now and have played it fairly consistently when my mood takes. It is quite light with an acoustic vibe to alot of the songs, but very enjoyable non-the-less. If you liked his previous solo discs, then this should go strraight to the top of your list. Good disc in general

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Been a huge DRN fan since 1988 when the debut launched. Obviously they were played a LOT in my neck of the woods as Portland, Oregon is the band's hometown as well as my own. I have also been fortunate enough to see them live many times over the years and they always put on incredible shows.


But as much as I love the original band, and Dan as a person, his solo stuff just doesn't do anything for me (musically). Its just too dark, somber and eclectic for my tastes. I don't listen to music to become depressed, but rather quite the opposite.


Still an awesome dude, however.

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Very, very mellow stuff. I like the guy's voice and the first few songs are all okay, but after that it's just too much mellowness and gets too bland and uninteresting. I like his little anti-religion jab on 'Arm yourself,' but aside from that I just couldn't get into the CD at all. The single song on the new Radioactive CD with him on vocals is better than the entirety of this album.

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Some cool shots of Dan in that Mustang in and around downtown Portland.

Agreed and it is very nice to hear Dan still maintaining his chops, but alas the new music is light years removed from the amazing funk/glam/rock he did in the late 80's early 90's that can't be replicated today I'm sure even though I would love for him to do so.


Hell I'd settle for a new Generator/Slowrush release.


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