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The Answer - Raise a little hell


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This band is highly overrated but I think their debut is very good, although after that it went downhill.

Haven't heard the new album but last one is a bitter disappointment :(

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  1. Long Live the Renegades
  2. The Other Side
  3. Aristocrat
  4. Cigarettes & Regret
  5. Last Days of Summer
  6. Strange Kinda’ Nothing
  7. I Am What I Am
  8. Whiplash
  9. Gone Too Long
  10. Red
  11. I Am Cured
  12. Raise A Little Hell

Deluxe bonus tracks:

13 - Feel Like I'm On My Way
14 - Flying
15 - I Will Follow On
16 - The Other Side (Acoustic Version)
17 - Gone Too Long (Acoustic Version)
18 - Strange Kinda' Nothing (Unplugged Version)



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Overrated?? Wow.


I saw them live last year and they were brilliant. Which is more than i could say for White Widdow last night ;-)


A great live band doesn't always mean they always have great songs, sometimes they're better playing covers :D

Debut is great, I'll say that, but after that you're lucky if you can make a good 12 songs out of 4 albums :)

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I think he's saying their originals are so crap that they'd be better off playing covers, in order to actually play some good songs. ;)


Anyway, I don't really know this band from a bar of soap. I tried, hated and dismissed them a long time ago.

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I think he's saying their originals are so crap that they'd be better off playing covers, in order to actually play some good songs. ;)


Anyway, I don't really know this band from a bar of soap. I tried, hated and dismissed them a long time ago.


i knew what he was saying and dismissed it for the bollocks it was.


Not heard the newie yet, but I really liked their last album. Had some corking songs imo.

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'Some' means probably only 2 or 3 good songs brother? :D


I rated 'New Horizon' around 72% and I believe 'Revival' is lower than that, I forgot but maybe around 67%. Haven't heard 'Everyday Demons' for a while but I'm predicting a 75% rating at best, but their debut is above 80% as I remember, I like it and that's the reason I'm still following their albums to see how they progress, and I'll give the new album a spin later.


Well this is definitely not for Geoff at all though, so don't you every try it out mate haha but who knows you like couple of songs from their debut. Check this out :


"Come Follow Me"



"Be What You Want"



"Always On My Mind"


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I did listen to their debut and probably their second album too. I guess that's not bad above, but I can see why I'd dismiss that kind of stuff pretty quick. Solid, harmless rock... but I'd forget it the moment the song was done and not wish to try and resurrect that memory with any great urgency.

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